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  • Hauoli La Hanau Greetings....Happy Birthday Greetings Mary....hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends...did you get a birthday ukulele Happy strummings...
    Mary, THANKYOU, I'm blown away. You're an awesome gal. :)
    Hi Mary,

    I tried to answer your Mya-Moe question, but your PM mailbox is full. Let me know when you've cleared some space or PM me your email address. Thanks!

    Hey Mary,
    Those wood sampel photos take up lots of space! There should be room in my mailbox now.
    I like the cat logo. I buried our 18 year old Siamese this morning. Had to, he died. Smokey will be long remembered, he managed to get into a lot of photo shoots.

    My wife pointed me recently to the Pohaku site where I saw the amazing Deco Tenor. I am very interested in it and thinking of purchasing. I also contacted some other UUers who own Pohaku, they've been very enthusiastic about theirs. One of them suggested I contact you as you have a concert deco, I think?

    I already have a custom tenor strung low G, so I'd probably have Peter keep it re-entrant. Can you tell me anything about your Pohaku: action, fretboard width, strings, sound, etc? Anything you can tell me about your Pohaku experience is most appreciated.

    Very Best,
    Craig Turner
    Hi marymac, thanks for being a UU friend!:) Hope all is well with you, aloha and happy strumming:)
    It was a good game to watch. I was practicing my ukulele and felt like I had to keep practicing to prevent jinxing the Bears. Now to play UVA again. Boy, they are a tough team but the Bears just need to beat them once. I was not looking forward to having to beat them two consecutive if the Bears happened to come out of the loser's bracket to play an unbeaten UVA. That would only be defending national champ South Carolina now.

    BTW, did you happen to see poidog's thread asking for Cal song tabs? You don't happen to have any do you?
    Hi Mary,

    I saw your UU member thingy and had to send along a big GO BEARS! :)

    Too bad they lost yesterday though. But it's the same position they were in after one game of the regional and they pulled that one out. Let's hope they can do it again!

    Cal Civil Engineering, '84
    Marymac, you must have been reading my mind. Because we've had several conversations, I was thinking we were already friends, but planned to send a request after I checked my list. I get sidetracked so easily and didn't get it done. Thanks.
    Hi Marymac
    Just letting you know that I took your advice on a set of Worth Clears on my uke and I prefer them to the Aquilas they ring a lot longer with a very mellow sound to them,Louder too which really helps with the rabble I play with.
    Thanks for all your help and advise in choosing my Mainland your a star.
    I enjoy reading your posts. You certainly seem to know what you're talking about!
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