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  • Happy father's day matt! that looks identical to mine, same age, condition might even be better, i think i paid 550.00? so, looks to be a good price.
    i had to switch out the tuners on mine, from an old camp uke i had, it now plays and sound great...but i've found that i like concert size the best...someday i'd like to find a martin concert...but they seem to go upwards of 1000.!
    hope this helps!
    hey Matt, thanks for stopping by brother and your kind words mean a lot. For myself, I'm just glad you're in the contest. You one talented hombre mate, in so many ways, and you lift everyone's standard with your beautiful voice and playing. Take care my friend and keep in touch every now and then...
    Henry loves me. All is right in my world!

    You just made my night, brother. Thank you for that. I'm off to my gig and the smile will come a lot more easily this evening.
    I can't wait to meet 'em! And, if things work out, you'll be meeting my bride, too!

    I was surprised at the 13 takes, I guess, cuz I'm so used to playing live. You get one chance, let 'er go, Peter.
    G'day Matt
    Thanks for the Friendship request.
    Next time you're in Australia.......;)
    Just PoHos being ridiculous for the New Year. Get me a pic of you head and shoulders and I'll do one for ya!
    (And a very Happy New Year to you and yours, brother! This year, we're making even more music!)
    I saw you peekin in the contest thread! You entering? Huh? Huh? Matt Lindahl? You entering? You know you want to! It is show tunes for Pete's Sake! You could get your dad to wistle ;)!
    Ummmm... I used safari.. and... um... I think I did something with Flash.
    What's not workin'?
    Just dropping by to say, Thanks for the request, i appreciate it.. And congratulations and well done you done some mighty fine ukeing there buddy, some excellent re-mixes, and your Walk like an Egyption was awesome, i enjoyed that one no-end.. Top stuff.. A well deserved win mate :)
    Keep on strummin ♫
    Eheheh, when I saw your "Walking like an Egyption" I though this is a great show man!! Must win :)
    cheers matt, all your stuff is awesome keep up the good work
    thanks for dropping by
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