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  • PM box full! Yes, interesting World Series. If it couldn't be the Cardinals, I'm glad it was the Red Sox. Four months until spring training! Three and a half or so to pitchers and catchers!
    Hi - okay, six more games...I understand Holliday kept it from being a shutout (I was asleep by the time that happened). Your PM box is full. I am very sad about MGM, as are we all.
    Aloha Markie...Guess what...LOL you popular guy...your PM box is filled again... oh oh Mahalo plenty for the contribution for J...rainy day fund...
    Aloha Mark, your PM box is filled again....Wow I am not the only popular guy:)
    Hi - your PM box is full - I tried to send a message because you gave a random association answer in the ultimate word game. Go check it out. Kathryn
    Hi Mark: I saw your remark about wanting to have a ukulele group play in hospitals etc. Our little group (ryanmft and blueknight) has had the same thought. I'm a physician so maybe I could figure out how to get permission.
    I see you are planning to attend the uke get together at Jay's office in March. We could talk about playing at hospitals then.

    In the meantime I can do some research. Thanks for the inspiration to get me going on this.

    btw: I do love my MM baritone.
    Thanks, jack
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