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  • Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm coming up to NYC soon, you should give me some uke-hunting tips for your 'hood. :)
    hey man, we should head out to mannys sometime soon, I want to pick up that Lanikai ck-teq they've got on the wall.
    let me know
    And ONLY Day 1...LOL! Luckily, it sends an email to me when I have a message on I was saved by that! :) I haven't really gotten into the swing of this site yet, but just give me time...I'll be all over these posts someday! :)

    I live in PA at the moment work and school have just takin over my life but that would def be cool
    i live in philadelphia. i think we should just try and see where most of the uke heads live so we can better judge a location. i think this is a great idea though.

    - chuck
    Well, wherever we decide to have a NY uke-together, I think it's important to make sure people have enough time to make plans for it- and to help entice them to come we can find things like nearby hotels for them to stay at & so on. Anybody else express interest yet? My thread I posted about NY didn't do very well :( If it's a small group, we should figure out where everyone is & shoot for the middle, I suppose.
    Finally got a chance to view your video. As a whole I think you've done a great job. Those stretches are even tuff for me to play cleanly and I see that you have eliminated the second time when they present themselves in the arrangement.

    I would just keep working on it and just relax and think of the timing in terms of the vocal and just go with it. You've done a real good job on this tune. I'm glad the tabs were able to help and hopefully you will become familiar with there use and use more of them in the future. They can be a HUGE time saver in learning a particular song.
    A Dm7 and an F chord share some of the same notes. The voicing I was looking for was a descending bass line from the Dm to the Dm7, hence the choice of the 2010 Dm7 voicing. So yes, it looks like an F, but in context, it acts as a Dm7.

    We've only got 4 strings, man. Voicing and melody must outweigh everything else.
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