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  • We "talked story" and laughed remembering you yesterday at HMS. You are missed.
    It's been awhile since you've gone, but I wanted to stop in tell you a few things...

    UU is at the same time a lesser and greater place without you. Lesser in that your wisdom and wit are no longer to be showered upon us. Greater in that, as a forum, we pulled together, wept together, and showed our love as one when you left us.

    Every time I sign into youtube, I remember your reviews you put there, and I can also remember the riff you played on the ukes nearly to the note. These will be a living testament to you always.

    Thanks to you for being around for us as long as you were. You've gone to a better place where you will always be well.
    Thank you Mike, for all the Reno Ukulele Festival video's you take the time to film!

    It's really thoughtful of you, to post these video's for those of us who can't go. Thank you again!...
    Wow! I used to work at Mills Music in El Cerrito with Al Dodge. We used to hang out at MW all the time, I think we must have moved some pianos into his lesson rooms. Man... I miss the Bay Area...
    Mike, I may have been measuring wrong. I did not measure from the fret itself but from the fretboard. Anyway, I took pics and sent you the link. Please take a look and if you think there is a problem, let me know. Sorry for the confusion.--- thanks
    Mike, here are some better measurements on the Islander. at the nut I am getting 3 mm and at the 12th fret I get 4 mm. I find this to be high and fairly painful at first fret when trying to get a clean chord

    Hello Mike, the height of the strings on the 12th fret is .25 inches. I am not sure how that stacks up but the biggest problem I have is the height of the strings at the first fret especially. Any help you could give would be appreciated. Thanks Ed
    Aloha Mike, I purchased an Islander MT-4 the other day from a UU member who said he got it from HMS. He told me that he shipped it out to me the same day it arrived from HMS in the same box. I believe this is true because it did come to me in a box from HMS and the shipping labels all seem to corroborate this. My problem is that the action is so high that I feel that it kills my fingers just to play it and I can't get the B chords sounding good at all. I am not a noob to ukulele so I pretty much know about how it should feel. I have owned 11 ukes and have purchased two previous from HMS. I have never had this problem with a set-up uke before but this one definitely is high. I know I am not the original purchaser but is there anything that can be done. I have had this uke less than 24 hours. If this helps, the serial number is 1086343 and I purchased it from a UU member named Chris Conerby in Ohio.

    use or askmusicguymic@hawaiimusocsupply mahalo mgm
    Hi Mike, no problem at all! Was just a little worried in case you'd already sent something and It had got lost! Either a concert or tenor would be lovely thankyou. :)
    Do you still have my details? And are the email addresses in your signature good to use or is there a better one?
    Hey brother/./ Do you have any of the little 10" ukes left? I sure would love to have one... How much are those?

    Hope your doing ok...

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the kind words about my site. I hope you are doing better these days. I see that you are selling a few items on ebay, I believe under the name hawaiian beach girl. Is this true?

    Many Mahalos
    Your Friend,
    You can disregard this msseage. I just spoke with you on the phone.
    Hi MGM,

    I saw on the flea market that you have Tangi Miniature Ukes for sale. Do you still have any for sale? I am very interested in buying one.




    Btw, I also sent an email from your website. Sorry for the double message.
    hey mike,
    i bought a makala soprano uke from you last year and i've loved it! i'm looking at getting some sort of acoustic electric tenor in the near future and i would love to give you my business! are you going to have anything on ebay anytime soon?
    Hello Mike,

    First let me say that I have been following your troubles on the UU; I hope your recovery comes swiftly. I recently purchased a Makala redburst tenor ukulele, transaction# 250800833898. I just received my package and found you had sent me a dolphin bridge Makala in redburst. If it is all the same I would like to keep the dolphin, I recently donated my old dolphin in redburst (what are the odds!) to my uke-less father who want to learn how to play. I know that you usually charge a bit more for dolphin bridge Makalas than I paid; let me know the price and I will forward you the difference.

    Be well,
    Steve Barbosa
    Hello Mike,

    Mike, i would like to let you know that i have been patiently waiting for the ukulele i ordered from you April 10. As of now however, i have received no notification of it having been shipped. So, I have filed a complaint with paypal. I understand you are going through some horrible times and i would understand if you need more time. Please, if you are still willing to ship or have already shipped my order CONTACT ME so that i may withdraw the complaint. I still have hopes of receiving my first ukulele. Please if you can still ship it, i would appreciate it if you would do so. Here is the information:

    Item: Ohana Longneck CK-35L Concert Solid Ukulele Mahogany w/ case
    Item#: 330551856832
    Price: $249.95 w/ free shipping
    Total Price: $249.95
    Payment Transaction ID: 3YR84509WX5258105

    and please understand that i do not doubt your integrity and would understand if you cannot go through with the order
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