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  • Aloha, so sorry to hear about your health, sending many, many prayers to you for better health!!! I am living in NJ and missing Hawaii so very much!!
    Keep staying safe my friend...please!!!
    Aloha Stan!! Long time since I was on the UU! Wanted to stop by and say Aloha!!! Hope you are doing well and staying safe.
    Mahalo Stan! You are out of space for PMs. Clear out some space, as I'd like to send you one.

    Mahalo Stan for the birthday greetings!!! Sorry I did not respond earlier, have not been on in quite a while. Going to be around for a while at the UU!! Take care and God Bless!!! Still missing Hawaii.....badly!!
    Hi ! It's been a long time, but I popped back in today and wondered how you were, then saw your own note! I hope you are well Stan? How are things here with everyone? I wish you all the best in 2016 x
    PM mailbox is full
    Oh, yeah people see and talk to dead people all the time. They experience whatever they believe in. If you believe in angels, you might see angels....if you believe in heaven you might see that....if you believe in hell, you might see's just like see all this because you believe that you do....
    Thank you Stan! I did 65 covers and my staff and customers sang happy birthday during the lunch rush - I feel very lucky! All the Best to you chef!
    Thank you, Stan! What a thoughtful thing for you to do, to wish everyone a happy birthday! Have a great day in sunny Hawaii....

    Thank you brother. Had a good, event less day. At my age, that is a good thing.. lol.. God Bless
    Hi Stan, thanks a lot. I really enjoy to be one of the UU members and have learnt much knowledge from all of u :)
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