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  • I sure hope you don't mind me tagging my ukulele on your facebook page. I am never sure what I am doing on FB. You should read the personal message someone sent me. Whoa! But anyway, hope that was ok. Of not, I'll remove.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Just wanted to say thanks for mentioning the Lenox blades on the resawing thread. Even on my 12" bandsaw it cuts like a dream. I can now start resawing the piles of curly maple I have drying in my garage and maybe have room out there for doing some actual work.
    Phil Pearson
    Just wanted to say thanks for you insightful comments/reply on bending sides in my "clay" post. More importantly, thanks for seeing into the mind of a newbie making his frightful venture into uke building. A decent woodworker and designer myself, luthiery is a way bigger world than I suspected. It's daunting (as is the forum).
    I do plan on making a contribution to the world via uke building, however big or small it may be. Certainly my young son will get a hand-built concert uke that he helps build and perhaps it will go much further than that with other kids in his homeschool group etc. Boulder could use a uke-estra.
    Great ukes you make on your website, btw. Aloha -David
    I'm trying to look at Bonnie's jewelry via your websiste. It says I need a password. The word "chuck" does not work? PM it to me, wouldja? Mahalo
    thanks for all the comments on my questions/posts. Your input has always been constructive and I appreciate the time you take to help us beginners.
    checking out your work, huh? I have been touching and playing it ever since 11:15!!!
    Hi, do you think a nut width of 1 3/8 is too narrow for a 6 string uke? Mahalo for answering my post re string spacing.
    Rich (Likeke)
    Thats cool. I do wish I had more ukes. Maybe one day I could get you to build me a soprano or Tenor (or both). What did you use for the low g with the T2's?
    Whats up with the strings on the new uke on you site? D'addario T2, what about the aquilas? :) The T2's are nice I currently have a set on my uke you built. Glad to see you have time to build something you wanted to build.
    Thanks it means alot that someone out there understood me not thinking i was rude D: im only 14 come on now
    Hi Chuck, love your work. The inlays are beautiful, would love to get one when I have the privilege of a visit to your part of the world. Hopefully sooner rather than later. If I do I will have to find one of the unique wildflowers which are found in Western Australia and have that incorporated into an inlay.
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