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  • I want in on Saturday Night Fever! Can't wait to see you, Ronin. Safe travels. See you Thursday.
    I was watching your Stand by Me video. I watch left hands. It looked like when you went from G to Em you lifted your index finger from the D on the C string and placed your pinky on the E of the C string. Is this right? I am a fan of the least amount of movement with the maximum results. I don't know why I didn't think of this before.
    I have notice that the first major, and the sixth minor, chords are very close ( substitute one note for another). OK, let me try. If you take the fifth note on the root major chord and raise it a whole step it becomes the root of the sixth minor. Instant sixth minor chord. I'm thinking out loud here.
    What were we talking about? Oh never mind have a great day.
    Hi do you know if the solos to Gimme Three Steps can be done on the uke?
    Been really busy with life, just finally had some time with my uke. That was great! I needed it.
    How about you? Any new videos coming up?
    Very nice to have met you!

    We should try to have a UU gettogether sometime, when it's warmer and sunnier, just for all of us to touch bases and get to know each other.

    Keep uke'in',
    Hey sometime when you are free can you help me with Elvira ? something seems off when i play it .
    Sorry this Happy Birthday wish is sooooo late, but I have been on vacation in Hawaii for 2 weeks, just got back then had to deal with a hurricane!!!
    Anyway...Hope your Birthday was a GREAT one!!!!
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday to you
    And many more!

    I hope I stayed in key.
    hey would the banjo rolls in the bluegrass book would you really call them rolls ? or does a right hand fingering pattern, consisting of eight (eighth) notes a roll ?
    hey can we set up a time on Skype ? the guys at bluegrass want me to pick Blue Moon of Kentucky on the uke . but i am stuck . we play it in G
    I'm game. IF I have any issues with it, you can help me right?:) Also, I may not make it to UWC. Not sure yet. I have no ride as of now.
    hey i just got back home . I need some help with old joe clark. i am trying to re tab it out . is now ok ????
    Hi. Thanks for the head's up about the VUC...I'll come this month if I can convince a friend to join me. Or maybe I should bring my mom. She's learning, too!

    So glad to hear that there's a thriving uke community in Vancouver. I'm currently trying my hand at Celtic fiddling, and I go to a regular session, but am finding it hard to break into the group.

    I'm in False Creek, so Main/Kingsway couldn't be much closer. Perhaps I will see you in couple weeks.

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