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  • banjolele groups have elections for leader. be there or be square. icon thread.election on friday1.9.15. Spread the word.
    Hi. I want to get in SOTO. This week. I just got a webcam and am climbing the learning curve with it. What basic info should go on the video besides the song of course? I assume your profile pic is use. That is a class act of a posed picture.
    Thanks! I just watched your beer run video and currently have "b double e double r -u - n, beer runnnn stuck in my head :). I feel like there wasn't enough time in the day at UWC...or was that just because we spent 3 hours taking the 'scenic route'? ;-)
    It was great to have met and played with you at UWC. The Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz disk is on it's way!
    Hi myrnaukele
    Welcome to UU. I just love it here, and I know you will too. What kind of uke are you playing?
    Ukes: Sopranos~ Martin, Favilla, Makala, Supertone
    Baritone~ Favilla
    Banjo Ukes~John Grey, Avalon
    Or does this go in the About Me section? I haven't figured out the Profile page yet.
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