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    hey John, you know that if you're ever anywhere near Tassie the billy is on the boil, and the dressing gown and slippers are by the door brother :)
    Hey man you know a site where I can find songs in that 0000 format? Also, I got a beginners book and it talks about beats and shows hollowed beats then some fully colored then the same but with circles. Any easy way to explain wtf thats all about? LOL.
    Just wanted to thank you for replying to my post about putting a "UST" in a Kamaka or Kala. Your reply was very informative and easy to understand for someone who is just starting to learn about. . . . well, just about everything :eek:) The reason I made that post is because eventually I know I'm going to want to "plug in" and mess with garage band or a loop machine to entertain myself. I'm a little concerned about "ruining" my Kamaka with electronics (don't know if it will) and was thinking that maybe I should just put one into my Kala. Eventually I'd love to purchase a Nalu Super concert with a pic-up already installed. Anyhow, thanks again for taking the time to post.

    That's strange. I wouldn't expect it to be real loud because the speaker in your other amp is probably not very efficient - still, it should be loud enough to annoy the family :)

    It could be the cable not making good contact or something, or it's remotely possible one of the tubes in the amp got jarred. It was working good here a couple of days ago. If your dad is going in to the office again tomorrow have him take the amp and cable in and I'll pick them up and check them out.

    dear john, my dad built a cable out of speaker wire or something and he soldered on a tip. we plugged everything up and it sounds great but you can barely hear it. it's like theres barely any sound coming out. what do you think the problem is?
    Wow, I just saw your video to Mike. What a sweet guy you are! And what a close resemblance to your avatar photo, LOL!
    Heh, heh, I've lived in the area going on 18 years and I wouldn't consider myself very knowledgeable about local entertainment. Until 4 years ago I lived in Weatherford (about 35 miles west of Ft. Worth) and commuted into Arlington and Hurst. That pretty much ate up my days and on weekends and evenings there was just no way I felt like driving back into the city for recreation.

    I live in North Richland Hills, now (just outside the 820 loop on the NE side of Ft. Worth) so I'm a little more familiar with goings on around here but not a great deal.

    I do know there is a pretty active uke group over on your side of Hwy 360. They call themselves the Dallas Ukulele Headquarters (DUH). I don't remember their website url but if you google the name I'm sure it will pop up. There are a couple of people from that group that hang out on UU occasionally so if you post something in the regional events forum that might catch their eye.

    Senor Phart,
    I see you live in the DFW area? Where about? I just moved to Coppell at the beginning of April. I also work in Coppell, so needless to say, I don't know much of the DFW area besides the north and south sides of MacArthur and a few other spots here and there around Coppell, Lewisville, and Irving. I've been to DTown FW and Dallas but neither are close enough to frequent. Any suggestions for things to do around here? Besides my boss, I don't know a single person in this city. Any help is appreciated!
    That's quite good, actually. Not perfect, there are a couple of minor flubs, but it's far better than I or many of the other regulars on UU could play it, for sure (and non-players probably wouldn't even notice the minor flubs). It's very expressive, and that's something you almost have to be born with, I don't think you can learn it.

    I'm mostly a "three chord" strum and sing guy; I'd be proud to post an instrumental that well done!

    Maybe a little consolation... I bet your wife is happy you don't look like your avatar.
    Hey OldePhart, I just cannot tell you how disappointed I am that you don't look like your avatar. I had this whole persona worked out in my mind of OldePhart and now....
    I figured I could ask you without being horribly ridiculed as a real Rube, but what the heck is Slack Key playing? I watched a Peter Moon video, but I still don't know.
    OMG, is that your picture? It looks like my old neighbor in Key Holler in TN. He was a whisky swilling preacher, owned a white mule. I'll never forget him.
    Anywany, your posts are so clever, so uku-nerdy, yet so classy, thought I'd friend you, if you don't mind, sir.
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