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  • Hi there! Long time no write, or something like that. How are you? I see your collection is getting more and more awesome... As you can guess, I haven't been able to resist getting more ukes either. I'm still not really in the local scene but getting otherwise famous for being the "crazy uke woman".. ;)
    Don't worry about keeping up - just get a feel for the current flow of the conversation and jump in - things change fast, so you don't have to pay attention long to pick it up and move along with it.
    Hi Plainsong, do you live in Finland or in SC?

    I only ask because I have traveled to Finland for work and am going back soon. Are there ukulele shops in Helsinki?
    As a BSG fanatic, I have to compliment you on your fabulous choice of avatar. One of my favorite quotes of all timeee!
    Thanks for bday wishes!

    The souldier straps are just normal guitar straps. Their openings for the endpins are tiny, so I do a little surgery with a knife before attaching. Most of my ukes have end pins for connecting straps. To attach the strap to the headstock, I use a Martin leather pin adapter that wraps around the headstock and attaches to the strap. For a smaller strap, there are some nice mandolin straps around too.

    Dom, the Kustom amp was from, and it's a Kustom Sienna 35. I'm using a Harley Benton GA5 and a cheap preamp to good effect now though, and then a Vox DA5 if I want effects. It ended up being cheaper than getting a decent chorus/reverb. :)

    Better late than never!
    Hey Plainsong. What type of strap do you order from Souldier? And how do you hook it up? Thanks so much!!
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