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  • part 5
    I would send you a small sample of my XS Soprano, but apparently it's not an accepted file format...

    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Cheers :)

    part 4
    This would be a long conversation and I'm trying to keep it short, but I wanted to ask what has been your experience with the Clara so far? have you taken it rafting often? any issues?

    I do love how it sounds and the fact that it is practically weather proof is a big advantage for me (always around water and boats) but the price and impossibility of repairing it have kept me away from getting one...
    The Clara has a very nice sound. Very sturdy, but because of it being a high end uke, I do try to take extra care of it outdoors. I have taken it on several kayak/raft trips and had no problems. I'm extra careful that in how I pack it on the raft and in the kayak. I make sure nothing heavy gets put on top of it. It's in a padded case, inside a dry bag, and inside my touring kayak, or inside a dry box on the raft.
    thank you for the input.
    much appreciated :)
    part 3
    For a while I considered the Clara (I'm probably still considering it) but a couple of things stopped me from puling the trigger on one - the price and the fact that being made of fiber and epoxy, should it have a problem, it could mean I couldn't repair it (like a wooden instrument). I live i Europe and sending it to San Francisco is just out of the table should the uke need a repair.
    part 2

    So, I'm new to packrafting and although I prefer the tenor scale of my Tiny Tenor, I did get a XS Soprano (both romero creations ukes) for the sole purpose of traveling in water with the said packraft.

    end of part 2
    part 1

    I just noticed your (old) post in the "what is your traveler" thread and your "name" was what caught my attention - more specifically the "rafter" part!

    You have probably gone through some of the questions I now have in front of me... here I go:

    end of part 1
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