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  • Hi am continuing to get following message when trying to post... Any idea?

    Fatal User Error: Call to undefined function SOM_AkismetCheckComment() on line 26 in ..../includes/functions_newpost.php(557) : eval()'d code in ..../vb/vb.php on line 286
    just to clarify my message of a minute ago: my post was about my experience of tuning ukes, not selling anything.
    Thankyou, ukebebop
    Hello rayan,
    I have been trying to post a new thread with some helpful info, but the site refuses to allow it.
    Can you do something please.
    Regards, ukebebop
    Hauoli la Hanau greetings Ryan, have a super day With family and friends close to your heart
    Hi - your private messages are full, so I will post here.

    This is my second attempt to correct a double billing problem. I was billed through Paypal on February 20th and February 22nd 2015 for $45 each time. I do wish to continue as a UU supporter for 2015, but need the other $45 refunded back to me.

    Thank you - Laura
    Thought I'd send this to you directly. Hope that is ok.

    trouble accessing
    I am a member of both UU forum and UU+. I have a big desktop computer and a laptop. My user name and password are the same for both UU forum and UU+. With my desktop I can log into both. With my laptop I can only log into UU forum, not UU+. When I try it is refused. (I have my desktop turned off) Then I go to “forgot password?” and try to get in there. Every time I am told I have an incorrect code. I assume that is the colored number/letter box. I have tried many many times. No luck. What’s up???

    I have this also posted on UU+ forum since yesterday but have received no response so I'm trying here.
    JUST ADDED AS AN EDIT:I'm now thinking I should contact a moderator directly rather than posting here with this question?
    Last edited by flailingfingers; Today at 05:01 AM.
    I would like to suggest to open sponsor section by taking off "Shameless self promotion". I am the sponsor of www.acousticguitarforum.com and www.guitarscanada.com and post my promotion thread without any problem.
    Your simple moving promotion posting to "Shameless self promotion" may give people feel offended I am ready to become a sponsor please take a chance to talk about it with moderators.

    Hey Bruddah your PM box is filled.... :)
    Aloha Rayan,
    MYSTERY SOLVED....WOO HOO Yes I lost my mom when I was young too, 43 years ago...gosh I'm old....please no tell nobody,..Yes I too miss her very much.
    I am glad you have something to connect her with.....and remember fond memories.... thank you for sharing....have a nice afternoon and weekend, Happy strummings...
    Hi Ryan - trust you are good.

    I have been running a series on my site, Got A Ukulele - called "Rainmakers". It's a short series of nods to people who have made such a big difference to the ukulele world in ways not necessarily from just playing. You will recognise some of the early names and there are more to come - see - http://www.gotaukulele.com/search/label/rainmakers

    I really want to do an edition that mentions you, Aldrine and Aaron as a "thanks" for UU. Obviously will be written with links to the site.

    What would really help is a photo of you all - are you cool with me using the picture (with credit of course) on the 'About' section of UU - here - http://ukuleleunderground.com/about/

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Rayan,

    I noticed there's a new group called keepapteka. The messages in it are about buying medicines online, so it's spam for sure.

    Thanks for your careful attention to the forum.

    Hi Rayan,

    I saw your sticky on the buy and sell- I was wondering if there was a restriction on dealers or resellers?


    I didn't want to do anything against the rules!

    warmest regards,
    Hi Ryan,

    I have join the UU Plus account. But I have found that the ukulele Theory course only contains 5 lessons.
    I have seen in Ukulele University that there are total 10 lessons.
    Is there anything missed in the UU+?

    Thanks and Regards,

    Two problems:
    1. The main titles on my Dell computer read upside down and backwards. They read OK on my Apple iPad. Is there someway I can fix this?

    2. I can only get the last Ukulele minute. I cannot access any of the older minutes.

    Thanks for any help.
    I cannot log into my account at UU+ and do not seem to be able to get any help. Are you able to assist me?
    Sorry that you're getting crap for the VIP thing. You guys have worked hard enough to not have to fund this site out of your own pocket. Its a great idea to give people the opportunity to help out financially.
    How do I pay with Paypal for the UU VIP Program? Will you post instructions or PM us?
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