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  • Hey Ric, make sure this years fest is successful. I'd like to go next year. Milwaukee fest is Oct. 20th this year. It is now an every other year thing. Which frees things up for next year!
    Hi Ric,
    Thanks again for all of the great info and links. I'm going to try to make it to tonight's kanikapila in Oceanside. Thanks also for the heads up about MOMM. I walked over there because it's across the street from where I'm staying. Very cool stuff.
    Thanks again,
    Hi Ric, Thanks for the link to flea market music! It looks like an excellent resource to finding local players!

    Woot! Can't wait. Are they trying to get Aldrine and Ryan to come perform? That would be awesome!
    Sure -- drive drive us midwesterners crazy with these San Diego events. Wish I was a tad bit richer.
    Thanks for your nice comments about my performance on Saturday at the Cerritos Ukulele Festival! I wish I had taken some pics or videos. Would have been nice to have a picture with you. Thanks for setting up the performance site!!
    Hey Ric!

    This is Mickey, I had fun at the Jam Session in San Clemente. Nice to meet you.

    Let's do lunch sometime, I'll treat...L&L Hawaiian?

    Thanks for the advice on the Applause! It was helpful. I'm read up on your reviews of amps. What is your favorite battery powered amp now?

    Hey Ric, are you going to be able to make it tonight to Aldrines show? Sukie is here and wants to meet you.

    Thanks for the heads up on the MXL 990 mics. I have two now! They sure make setup easier and changing instruments. I use a ART Tub preamp and play it through the PA or other acoustic amps, it sounds so natural, just the sound I was looking for.
    Hey ricdoug -- I LOVE being "electric". I think I've found my sound. Reverb is great. Thanks again.
    Aahh Vista - that was pretty far from us. We lived exactly 2 exits from the border. Not fun. haha
    I love Goonies! Just watched it recently in HD. woot!
    Hi! Thanks for adding me. :-D I see you are from SD - that's where I'm from before I moved to central CA for college.
    Hey Ric,
    Finally got our album finished. It's not perfect but it's us. PM me with your address and I'l mail you one.
    howzit Ric! Thanks for recommending me to your friends the other night. Please feel free to pass my email and cell number to them if they are still interested in checking out my class. Hopefully I can offer what they are looking for! =)
    www.PacificArtsDS.com is the studio site and you have my email, yes? =)

    Aloha and Mahalo nui loa Ric!
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