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  • Chung toi ban cac loai may hut bui Camry chinh hang Viet Nam dich vu than thien gia hop tui tienBan tim mua 1 may hut bui cho gia dinh cua ban hay muon tu van cho ban be cua minh dang chuan bi mua Hay goi cho chung toi Ben minh co nhan ty van mien phi cho moi nguoi dang co nhu cau tim mua may hut bui ma phan van khong biet chon loai nao
    may hut bui cong nghiep la thiet bi su dung may bom khong khi nham tao ra chan khong de hut bui ban thuong la tu san nha va tu cac be mat khac
    I haven't done the San Sebastian Festival yet, but I was invited to a Parranda, which is a big holiday party. The Plena band that I have been working with were playing at the party, and they told me to bring the ukulele. So then, when they started their second set, the guy who is the leader of the band said , "our friend Rollie, from Iowa, is here with his ukulele, and he is going to entertain us with some plena on his ukulele. I don't think I've ever heard plena on the ukulele, so give it up for Rollie." So I went up there and he asked me what I wanted to play, and I said Bailala. So then we played. It was incredible, and it was a good lead in for the festival next weekend.
    How are things in sunny puerto Rico? Have you done your concert yet. If not Good luck, Or as they say in the business "Break a Leg"
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