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  • Hey Ronnie,

    Actually at the moment I am using Hannabach "Flamenco" series strings. All medium tension. When I use the T2's I go with Hard tension (the T46's I believe).

    I have played Aldrine's uke. What a beauty. The sound was different then the Moore Bettah, but I wouldn't say better or worse. The Kanile'a was very mellow and rich. It did not have as much volume as my Moore Bettah. Truthfully it is hard for me to describe the differences because both ukes sounded so great. The Moore Bettah articulates a bit better and has a little bit more an ukulele like sound while the richness of the Kanile'a was a bit more pure.

    PM me your address and I'll send you a set of the T2's. (I am getting to a video with the shirt soon!)
    Hey Ronnie, it was great to meet you at the jam last night. It was too cool to see all these UU'ers there jamming and stuff! Thanks again for the shirt, I got a good look at it this morning and it is definitely the sweetest Hawaiian shirt I've ever seen. I'll be sure to wear it in some videos!

    Hopefully I'll see in the next few days, I have to get my flight rescheduled first... Take care!
    interesting news article i have been battling with insurance companies ofr years on my liver transplant...
    What fingers to use is something that isn't easy to explain. It needs to be learned over a period of time. Lots of people use bad fingering in the left hand, even really good players. Here are the basics:

    1. Don't use the same finger consecutively (unless it is a slide).
    2. Use the obvious fingers.
    3. Have fingers ready to play the next note or notes.
    4. Don't stretch too much.
    5. Use the same fingering each time you play it so your fingers "remember"
    6. Use all 4 fingers, including the little one.
    7. Often the tune is based on a chord. Use the same fingers as you use for the chord.

    Here are a couple of tips.

    1. Get a book to teach you scales. Make sure it has the fingering in. I don't know of one though.
    2. Write the fingering you intend to use on the music (1 2 3 & 4).
    3. Some books of music have fingering in. John King's books (I think).

    Hope this helps
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