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  • Hey buddy,

    I was just curious, do you happen to have an album or photos for your signature James Hill uke? Also, would you ever consider selling it??

    Hi Allen,

    I'm in Santa Monica near Lori. You always have good posts, I'm glad to be friends. I get up around Ventura a few times a year, we go up there for day trips when we get tired of our own resort town. ;)

    Thanks for adding me! :)
    Hi Allen

    Thanks for all the Uke Leash business last night. Let me know if you or your friend need anything else for your Uke Leashes... extra headstock straps or UltraSuede sleeve. It was a nice Documentary, but I will want to see the extras on the DVD when it comes out. Brian and I got both a t-shirt... something to wear at Wine Country fest perhaps?

    Hey Sailing,
    It was nice meeting you at the Mighty Uke event yesterday. I really enjoyed the movie and jam (though I was annoyed that they rushed us out right in the middle of it!).
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