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  • I think I replied to you wrongly the first time, on your own profile. Bastardos Sympaticos can be found here - - he's using a Kala Jazz tenor to good effect. Live, they have this washtub bass that just reaches right into your gut. I think they might be thinking of putting out a cd soon. I seem to remember Juha (the lead uke, vocals) talking about studio sessions.
    I know, and what with Bastardos Sympaticos, and Pete, and everyone in that club always brings some skillz to that stage, it's gonna be smokin'. It's time to make Lois an autograph uke. :)
    Yeah but I don't have anything worth featuring. Maybe when I actually make something cool hahaha. I need to go watch your videos and take some notes
    There's a simple solution to that.
    Go to your YouTube and go look at how many subscribers you have :D Now go to mine and look how many I have hahaha.
    I just saw your video of Ukulele Safari USA EP-6 and I REALLY like that tagalog song. Was wondering if you could post the music sheet for it?
    i put ketchup on a hot dog the other day and thought, "seeso would throttle me for this". but i like living on the edge. ketchup, yum...
    Hey seeso, just starting learning Imagine using your tabs and I...well, I don't know how to say this... but I found a little mistake in your tabing of the Dm7 chord, you made it look like the F chord. No worries though, I know how to play a proper Dm7 chord...Just thought you might want to amend your tab document... All the best, love learning this song...
    Loved watching you play in ukesociety's video down at the Bushman Uke fest thingy. Must have been the coolest to play with ms nunes?!
    Seeso, I heard you're going to the Bean Blossom Blues Fest! We'll be there! We were so bummed about missing the Ukulele Luau... Kim
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