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  • It's all good. I wish UU had more aloha. People need to quit bashing. While I may not -- or may -- agree with the OP, it was kinda wrong. Don't worry. Thanks though. :)
    Tried to PM you. I'd like to buy your KoAloha Thinline @ $850 if it's still available. Please contact me at xxxx. Thanks.
    No worries buddy. Won't pressure you to a deal you're not into. I'm looking to trade a Crown Bridge KoAloha tenor btw, doesn't sound like an ideal deal anyways. Was thinking to add in some cash, but it's not the deal you're looking at. Thanks for considering buddy
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    Haven't tried any strings? I restrung the Bruko with Fremont Blacklines Medium, which is, sounds pretty! Interested in trying the Worth BM in future :D FYI, mine is the flat version of the No. 6!
    Hey, I see that you got a Bruko No. 6 in your collection! Same as me, but what strings did you used on them? :D
    Hey, I noticed your about an hour away from our jam! We meet in East Greenville PA on Thursdays. You should think about checking it out sometime!
    Aye- thanks Mr. Campbell- I patiently await your additions to the You tube (c'mon, it's easy- no crowd to worry about)...
    Silliness aside, I appreciate the compliment for sure.
    hi Matt
    just wondering how you're enjoying the cigar box uke?
    Cheers mate, Jon
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