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  • Oh, magic is good! Congratulations.
    I'm having terrible uke envy and related cravings these days. I really do have to wait -- to earn it by improving my play, really -- but I love seeing instruments as lovely as this one. Thanks for sharing it!
    Susie: I keep returning to your post to look at that boat paddle. What a stunner! If she plays half as well as she looks you must be in heaven.
    Hey Susie! Let me know when you're planning to offload those dulcimers. I've been contemplating buying one for quite some time. Maybe I could give one of yours a good home!

    Tah tah dear!
    Did ya get it yet? Or does he have to send it? Is it perfect? Exciting, huh?
    No not at the moment . My Brother and I have 5 in production right now 2 concert pineapples and 3 tenors we are building for a show in October. Keep a eye out if they don't sell at the show we will post them
    Hullo! I'm interested in buying that lovely uke of yours, if it's still available? I have a gorgeous Kala Thinline to trade (have you heard them? They're brilliant), or monies, if you need that. Thanks a bunch!
    i want to sell it to help get a 8 string . but i will see how it go's its a good maybe we can do a trade .
    Hey, Hopefully that ukulele of yours sells, it's a beautiful looking ukulele and would go to good use. Shame no one has messaged you back on that. Good luck! :)

    Also, just as a little heads up, you replied to someone else on your own page, but I think you meant to post it on his page! ;)
    bummer . i hope you sell it . i am going to try and sell my sopranino.
    Thanks for accepting the friend invite :D But don't ask me to remove my mask!!
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