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  • Sven, I was looking at the top ukulele sites thing and noticed as far as uke builders go, only Boat Paddle, DaSilva and Moore get more hits a week than Aragapa. Congrats.

    You've certainly got the right idea about the community. I figured that out the hard way by putting my two cents in on a build question. Pete just about bit my head off. I thought everyone was having fun building instruments like we were. Oh well.

    As for folky handmade instruments, I have exactly the same idea. I'll post a picture of my uke when I put some finish on it. It was real fun. Although, before another uke, I want to try making a banjo out of a dirty old teapot that I can't boil water in.
    Thought I'd let you know that I admire your work, humor and style, and that I implemented a lot of your build process in my own build. it makes WAY more sense to me to glue the soundboard on the sides before the back! I still don't get why people do that.
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