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  • THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE INFO! I kind of forgot about the contact thing! Everything you told me was super helpful, and I think I got a piece of something in my eye when doing the Koi pond! The lady at NAMM told me to put it in as protection and just to know it will be ruined by the medicine! I popped one in this morning and it helped a TON! THANK YOU!!! Great to see you on the PoHo thread! We like new people! Don't be a stranger! Post once and we will suck you in!
    Hello SWB:

    I was listening to your playlist yesterday while working. Wow you had 150 on there. I made a post with your list but I saved it onto HumbleUker YouTube. If you give me your link, then I will update it to your list so it will get any updates that you make. I had a problem (in the past) with trying to upload other people's playlists -- so we can see how that will work. Jeff
    Yes, I tried quite a while ago when you sent me some info and never heard back. I thought I had annoyed you in some way. So after sending the two e-mails I assumed you were a very private person and gave up. Just today I thought I'd give it one more go here on UU. I have been having quite a bit of fun with my Baritone DGBE but sometimes when friends get together I play my concert with them and my muscle memory goes to battle with my ears. I find that I'm thinking more in shapes now. I see Dirk from Germany below whom I like to keep up with on HB. when I started that blog I hoped that it would make it to the top 100 sites and now I'm surprised to see it sitting at #52. Thanks for doing a photo -- I think it makes HB much more fun. Jeff
    Hello SweetWaterBlue, I tried to get a hold of you before thru YouTube e-mail but wasn't successful. I was wondering of you would take a picture with you with your Henshaw Bari and share it with me to share on Humble Baritonics? That's a very rare uke find. Have you come across any other owners since you posted that video? Jeff / Humble Uker
    Thanks for the comment on my latest YT vid! Btw: Your pitch black flea with the white nylgut strings looks very stylish!!

    Thanks for your post.
    I have stayed in both Hyderabad and Bangalore.

    Hyderabad was a quieter city. Hot too. Got a great lake whose shores I used to spent my evenings at :)
    Bangalore is greener and cooler. Its also more active culturally. And English is widely spoken compared to Hyd. Its more urban too with all the noise that come with it.

    I am from Kerala, so this is probably a more neutral review.
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