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  • Hey Kid -
    Would you be open to me grabbing your vid from 213 and adding some Ubass and harmony vox for season 214. I think you did a great Simon, but I think it would be even better with a bit of Garfunkel, too. What you think?
    happy birthday Dave.... Have a super day with family and friends close to your heart....
    I have enjoyed your contributions to the seasons the since I joined up some weeks ago. Your musicianship is outstanding. I read your post on Soldiers, I have on more than one occasion lost a job for maintaining appropriate values. Good luck!. BTW My wife Susan is a spinner and knitter. She knows how to pack it away too!
    Raeden and I wanted to wish you a happy birthday! Keep on playing and making those videos!
    Please both you and Mel join the new Seasonistas group. We want to see how many of us there are.

    Hi ya Dave and many thanks for your kind words :) and thanks for hosting this weeks comp, i reckon you will get a flood of entries come friday night and the weekend kicks in :) hope your enjoying your hols, weather here is pooh, been raining for weeks and about 14 - 16 degrees celsius. all the best mate :)
    Hi ya TCK , many many thanks my friend, i find it very hard to take compliments :) as i have confidence issues going back to my childhood, but hey we all got monkies on our back one way or another :).
    So very kind of you though, what i lack in playing ability, i over compensate with my love of this site :) have meet (virtually) some amazing people on here, wish i had Howard Hughes bank account so i could travell and meet the UU community, I am trying to find out how to get funding to make a documentary travelling the world meeting fellow ukesters, and busking for cancer charities and kids, but have no idea how to go about it,i have emailed one producer who never replied,

    Anyway thanks so much, hey we all do our bit for this awesome community,
    its a pleasure getting to know you on here and so glad your in on the seasons now
    Anyway all the best TCK and so sorry for writing loads, have a great week and look forward to your entry,
    Kindest regards,
    Thank you for your kind comment about Raeden's video. She will be dancing to every song you play. God bless you!

    Happy new year to you and Mel brother Dave...missed you over the break. Here's to a great 2012 for you both. Blessings from Eugenie and me mate.
    dave could you pm me your email address brother, would like you to look at a BU for me and give me your opinion
    did you just get a message on your YT channel Dave? It's a rough version of Sunny Side...let me know. Hope you & Mel are good mate.
    Nice vid you posted recently. Meant to reply, but forgot. I'm not on YouTube, (yet)...
    Hey there, I think there are a couple of us on UU. Makes me wonder if there is some correlation between the two. I know at my ukulele group there are a couple accordion playing ukulele players.
    If you're inclined towards great music, and I don't know why you shouldn't be, here's a great site for out of print Funk, Latin, Ska, etc... Flageolette
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