The Epigrammic Poultry

"You're a pretentious political artist and your far too quirky."

Politics, books, art, listening to music and songwriting
October 6
Dublin, and occasionally a secret bunker under Mt.
Student/Part-time cult leader


Enjoy dark, punk-cabaret infused, manic, uke-based, singer-songwriters!? Then look no further! Visit my SoundCloud or Bandcamp pages and let me know what you think! (Positive and negative critique highly appreciated!)

Player of:
Barry: Oscar Schmidt OU53S baritone (My main uke)
Oscar: Oscar Schmidt OU2 concert (Survived a monsoon in the middle of an African jungle)
Amanda: Red Mahalo U20 soprano (Signed by Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls :D)
Ellie: Tenor rosewood Eleuke
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