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  • Hauoli la Hanau Matt ...hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends close to your heart :)
    Why I am not your friend yet, I dont know! How the heck are ya? Heard you been to Australia... jealous!!!
    Hey, Happy Birthday, guy!

    I'm happy I clicked on today!

    Please feel free to join us for our Holiday Pot Luck a the West Seattle Sr Ctr
    1:30p this coming Sunday the 12th. We will be celebrating SUPA's 8th
    Anniversary! Please sign up for the Open Mic.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday!
    hey Matt, hope all is well your side of the water... just wondering... I keep urging to get a Kamaka Ohta-san, have you tried one up against a normal HF2 (comparison vid would be great if you have both =D ). Just wondering if the different shape, figured Koa and other variables are detrimental to the sound.
    All the best!
    Hey Matt,
    First off, I am such a massive fan of your uke playing and video's, you were my inspiration to buy my first $30 uke and now I want to play like you on an all-solid one :)
    I saw your video review of the solid acacia kala, and i'm leaning towards buying that from MGM. But with all the fantastic mainland reviews, with a similar price, i'm all confused about which would be better - the mainland or the kala.
    Have you had any experience with any mainland ukes? I know your probably really busy, so I appreciate your time. Also, between the mahogany/cedar/mango wood, which one would sound better? (i always thought mahogany was a cheaper wood that was inferior?)

    Cheers mate,
    I am sorry to post this novel on your board, but your PM box was full.

    Hello my name is Jason, I posted a thread earlier for some helpful advice in concern to a quandary I have. I am in the process of trying to make a decision between two ukes, which thanks to our fellow UUers have lead me to you. I am very interested in either the Kala Acacia Tenor or the Lanikai Monkeypod Tenor. I watched both reviews you posted on Youtube, but I was wondering what your personal advice would be on which of these instruments you would purchase given a choice to one. I agree with what you had mentioned on your review the sound of the Kala is very bright and defined. If I had to narrow it down by just the video clips I would surely choose the Acacia. However I would greatly appreciate any input you could give me... Thank you for your time.

    Jason (a.k.a. zigy11)
    Hey Matt - it was great meeting you at the Cairns UkeFest, and doing your workshop in Sydney.
    Hope you have the best time here in Oz - and maybe see you at the Ukulele World Congress 2011 ... fingers crossed :)
    Thank you for joining the Rainy Day Ukers! I hope to see you in our group discussions. Please add anything you would like.
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