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  • Hey ralf -
    I'm doing a little concert at the studio on January 27. *I will be doing a couple of tunes solo, and there will be sets played by my duo (Ukesters of Triskelion with Borfus the bass guy) and trio (Fleffikon, with my daughter Ani and Borfus). There will be two shows: one at 6 and a second at 8 pm. Each show is about 70 minutes. Beer and wine will be available.

    If you want to come, please let me know, and please let me know which set you'd like to come for. If you want to bring Jess, please also let me know. The show is by invitation only and there's very limited space, so if you could RSVP me in a few days I'd really appreciate it, so I can invite some other folks in your stead. There is no entrance fee, but I will be asking for modest donations (the show is a fundraiser for Ani, who is trying to raise money to travel to LA for a special acting audition).

    Hope you can make it!
    Thanks, Ralf! Yes, I'm in for 159 ... was just rounding up some materials for it today. :)
    I'd PM you, but you are #50 in my PM box, and I am too tired to deal with emptying it at this second - though clearly I need to soon!
    Respond here (or FB message) to let me know you saw this ... otherwise I'll reply once I empty the box.
    thanks, Ralf! Got to rehearse with the band last night for a gig today..... also getting ready to make a video for the Seasons with the whole family this weekend, so things are good. :)
    Just bought tix to the Pink Martini concert on March 30--woohoo!
    Do you by chance know any of them? One of their songs kept me going during a very long illness, and I'd love to tell them that.
    Okay - can't take it anymore. You're really, actually a UU member in Oregon? For real? I'm UU in eastern WA and still trying to connect with people who like this stuff. I was at Walmart the other day and this total stranger had on some Uke t-shirt and I was so freaking excited to see someone from the mothership. . . .

    Marian (aka ukunuke)
    Hi Ralf
    I came hear to leave a message because you didn't leave a proper email address on my website for me to reply to you.
    Yes, I saw that one on EBAY. I'm sure the tuners work fine, but if you want the knobs to match you can take off the old knobs, put a few rounds of scotch tape on the shaft of the peg and then push on the new knobs. The shaft of the tuner peg is what is hard to replace because they were/are a smaller diameter than new pegs. I have several with knobs I put on with the tape trick, but I had the original pegs.
    I hope this all makes sense to you!
    Good luck!
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