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  • Aloha Carlton....hey bruddah, you popular guy....if you don't clean out your PM box, we cannot send you cool messages:)
    Thanks Carlton, it was a blast making the video. There was a bunch of fun stuff behind the scenes too. I want a FULL report on that Kamaka when you get it!
    Wow! I'll bet you are having trouble sleeping! Betcha won't sleep after you get it either. You won't want to put her down!!
    Yesterday was extremely slow. I was in a perimeter truck watching inmates during recreation, trying not to fall asleep! We're going to Hawaii in September. When are you going?
    Doing great! Had a father daughter dance with my girls. PM me your email address and I'll send you pics.
    The girls are doing well. This old man found out he was diabetic last month :( But, I'll live through it though.
    Sorry it's been awhile since I've spoken. You know, busy and stuff. So how you doing, bud?
    LOL, well if you're selling it, keep me in mind. Just to tie me over till I order and get my semi-custom. :p
    Hey Trinimon,

    I emailed the person and offered 700$. He emailed back with 750$. I'm going to meet the person this week. Nah, you're not the UAS devil ! I would not be buying it to keep it. I would be selling it in a few months.

    Aloha Trinimon !

    Fun thing to have a few Canadians here ! Man, I'm thinking about that HF-3 ! Leaning towards offering 700$, keeping it a few months and selling it. Never played or even seen a Kamaka in person. I do have 2 custom MP tenors so, I really dont need an other tenor but, this would be a chance to try a Kamaka without loosing money.....


    LOL, look who's talking! haha
    Got to get my UU fix in the morning before leaving for work. :)
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