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  • Hey wendy re multiple yt accounts and jamming: if you haven't been on Linked in lately log in and connect with me. I need to get a higher profile in NYC/NJ for STRUM it's coming 5.18.15 in a neighborhood near you. I hope to make an announcement next week.
    Hey wendy I don't know what your planning to end SOTU 150 with. I'm Sure your planning something. "Auld Lang Syne "Would be neat.
    You have been appointed Chairperson of the Just Playing it By Ear Commitee For the Production of STRUM 2015.
    WendyI have assigned you as 2015 SOTU-NY-NJ-PA-TriState-Ukulele-Meet Festival Design Chairman - I've never been to a Uke meet. We don't expect you on board til your Season is Done.
    Congradulations .It seems like new Seasonistas are starting to roll in. Its gonna be the best SOTU ever.
    I've been editing my last post to keep up with you girl. (I don't usually post twice in a row) Keep an eye on post 96 til someone else shows up or I go to the library at 9.30
    When You post here in reply to someones visitor ms click on their username then visitor messages and write. I think this is better than having to empty the pm page. Especially since the pms sent when your box is full disappear into a black hole most of the time. I hope your right about other hosts but I suspect you and I share a certain zest for life that makes for magic.
    You did it again. - posted on your own message board. I'll get back to you next week on the mike thing. Oh Wendy, I had a really great xmas and now SOTU150! I spent most of my life in PA but I really am a Jersey Boy. In future seasons I promise I'll be a good little boy; but its not gonna happen this week. I shudder to think what would happen if somebody I didn't know was running SOTU150. Yer doing great girl.
    Oh, I see! In other words, you made the same mistake I did ... it's easy to make, I think!

    Hilarious you should ask how I mic the uke when out ... last night was the first time I really needed to, and the answer was "inadequately"! What do you suggest? I need some sort of pickup, I gather, but I'm not even really sure what that is. :)

    Tina is short, thin, and cute. Club soda and lime (3-4 slices) is my thing. Not sure why I decided on whiskey last night ... love whiskey, but not good for playing. It's Doylestown. Not Philly. :) It's ridiculously far from me to. Not sure how it will work on a "real" (not holiday eve) Tuesday. But it was great, so I do want to go again.
    I wrote you a visitor message (MSystem) on my own profile page and it posted to me. If your happy with the sound thats cool. When you upgrade look into a Lavalier mike. good for stage work (has its own strap too). How do you amplify you uke when playing out? Tina short Plump gal with Mediterranean Features? I was involved in the SE PA folkscene very heavily for about ten years. I don't go to Philly too much. Last time was to buy my uke. Drinking: when in situations like you described 7-8 parts tonic water, 1 part rum, one lemon or lime per quart of tonic and Ice in a cooler (your components may vary not the ratio. You can pretty much drink this all day and not elevate your blood alchohol level to a problem point. If you need a good stiff drink this is not going to be it. Tonic and lime on the rocks works too.
    I just posted on my own vms.:pFor the mic in a fixed position try moving a step to the right and in a step. sometimes its a directional thing.
    Where in Doylestown or more properly who is the host? Mention my name Tommy Coughlin. If its held in a bar somebody will probably buy you a drink. Talk to me after your season about Phila FF volunteerism.
    SOTU-149 your box is full. Hey wendi I listened to 3-4 of your tunes. Nice repertoire. I had to join in 1/3 way thru on JBR. The knocking was particularly effective. The sound quality on GGRR and JBR was flaky. At times the voice overshadowed uke and visa versa. but it fluctuated. Maybe change the angle you face the mic at? I think you have the best stage presence of those I got to watch. Only just listened to some though.
    Thanks Wendy I know I done good. Best part is I have the Santa story vid for a christmas card and Raeden's reply to go along with it. So poignant - gives me goose bumps. Well I started a PM for you when I sent that last VM fell asleep. finished it posted it-not. time expired, go to jail, do not pass Go. I can't recreate it - not when you just get up from a nap. It would be about vampires. 2 more days of Channukah. Skinny thing like you, have a piece of real good Chocolate. TTFN
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