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  • Ukester, always an admirer. Could you indicate some sheet music that would be helpful to practice before your April 29 gathering? Such a post could go under the flier for the event that someone else posted on this site...
    hello! i have been a fan of your site for 2 years now, and have covered from your site 5 of your songs, and i was wondering if you would like to participate in being a judge in the seasons contests. i was thinking that the parameters of it would be having to cover one of your songs off of your site...there is so many to chose from that i think it would be a fun venture. I've hosted season 17 and it was a lot of fun. this challenges ukers to learn new songs in a week and perform them in one take. let me know if you are interested! thanks! dave hager aka thesillydave
    Ah! Immediately after pressing "send" on my email I thought, "Did I forget my email address?" Thanks for tracking me down!

    And thanks for the advice! I'm hoping those mismatched tuners will keep a few bidders away from that uke. Wish me luck. I'm also hoping plastic ukulele bidders will get distratcted by the Mastro mini-banjolele that's up now. That one looks fun, too.
    Boy- five months later and I respond-- sorry!! I'm glad you like and can use the song sheets on my website. Have fun strummnnn!
    Hey there from Jen in Oz.
    How's it going Ukester Brown?
    Just want to say thanks for the great songsheets you offer so generously on your website - I think they are really wonderful.
    Aloha... and mahalo :)
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