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  • مدرک دانشگاهی براساس آموزش سال ها در دانشگاه ها صدور میشه و ارزشش مدرک واقعی هست . ولی مدرک معادل یا همسطح بر اساس تجربه هست و فقط یک گواهینامه مهارتی هست و نشانگر سال ها تجربه شما هست و میتونید اون رو فقط به عنوان یک گواهینامه بر اساس تجربه به شرکت ها یا افراد ارائه دهید. دلیل اینکه معادل سازی انجام میگیره فقط ارتقاء سطح و دانش تخصصی فرد هست .معادلسازی مدرک تحصیلی با معادلسازی مدرک معادل کاملا متفاوت هست و شما نمیتوانید با مدرک معادل واحد های دانشگاه رو معادل سازی کنید. معادلسازی سوابق کاری به مدرک تحصیلی اصلا امکان پذیر نمی باشد و هرکس این حرف را تایید کرد حتما کلاه بردار یا فرد سودجویی می باشد . مدرک معادل صرفا یک گواهینامه داخلی و خصوصی می باشد که از یک سازمان خصوصی ارائه می شود.
    I made a post into the "Hello from GoGo Tuners" thread but it didn't show up. As a matter of fact, I posted it twice, so one of them likely needs to be deleted. Thanks for your help!
    Morning, Could you or one of the other mods check on the status of a reply I made to the Formica Uke thread? I triple submitted it before I went searching and found the explanation for the new moderation rules. I did not think my message should fall under those rules, but killing spam is quite important.
    Thank You for your efforts.

    I was wondering if you're able to check out the thread I posted in regional get-together. I think it may have been caught in the spam filters...

    - William
    Hi JJ is there a way to edit the title of my thread? For example, if I create a thread in the marketplace and want to update the title when the uke is sold, how do I do that?
    Is there a way to delete a thread? Someone on the forum has asked my thread "Mike Da Silva" to be deleted. I'd prefer to not get into why if it's not necessary, but I respect his wishes.
    hey JJ, just to update you on the epicDVDstore thing...cut to the chase: The "Happy Days" series arrived as ordered but to be honest it looks as though it was all videotaped straight off the TV and then transferred to disc. So...packaging: good; sound quality, OK; visual quality: watchable but only 6/10. Not sure if its really worth spending your hard earned on, unless you were really desperate for the show. That said, it is nice to have the whole series to flick through...but, would I buy from them again? Probably not. cheers mate, eugene.
    hey JJ

    There's a shortcut worth checking out if you want to get the whole Love Boat series in one go, hook on to:

    There is a sale on at the moment and they're selling it pretty cheap. cheers mate.
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