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  • Has anyone ever told you that you look like micheal trucco? Look him up if you don't know him or look in the mirror haha, loved your seasons 82 song
    Hi ukuleledaddy,

    Thanks for the nice week of Seasons. It was a great theme.
    Can you tell me, please, how you make a reply and quote several people?
    just wanted to say hey! i have enjoyed your songs and singing here, i am new to the underground, new to the uke as well! but having a great time with it! hopefully not posting too many remix's to be annoying!
    Greetings! Don't know where, but they are: Intro:G E7 A7 D7 G D7 G E7 A7 D7 G B7 then all open(don't remember what that is) Adim7 G E7 A7 D7 G E7 A7 D7 and on to Well (G) way down yonder in (B7) Louisville (E7)Lived a cat...I wants ta tell ya (A7)(D7) Aw the cat was (G) rough and (E7) tough he would(A7) his (D7) stuff...
    It goes around and around like that, chorus follows the intro chords. The timing is murder to get right, and I like the way D7 sounds with just g at the 2nd and a at the 2nd (Hawai'ian D7?) on this number.
    Hope that gets you started anyway...Have Fun!
    (you're a uker, how can you not have fun?)
    Cheers! eeej
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