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  • Hey Davee! I know who you are! I recognise your avatar! I thought it was a fun, productive meeting today. it was also great to meet you. I'm really glad awards are back on UU. I missed them last year. Cheers. Sukie
    42 is a magic number! It's the product of three prime numbers (2 x 3 x 7) and so it's rare and special. This year will be a really good one for you! xx
    You say it's your birthday
    It's my birthday too, yeah (not)
    They say it's your birthday
    We're gonna have a good time
    I'm glad it's your birthday
    Happy birthday to you! :) :D :cool:
    Awe jeez mate- still smiling from this weeks Simon and Dave. Was the dog's bullocks for sure!
    OK- that settles are my favorite person on the internet. Big ups for your support and love for our community mate. Your posts reaffirm my faith in our silly humanity. Funny a lad from England is what it takes us to see what this is really all about. Bless you.
    Thanks for the link! I've printed it off - I'm familiar with the song - been a "folkie" for more years than I'd care to admit to! I wondered whether that was an Fm chord but I imagined you were putting another finger down! It sounds great - thanks for pointing me towards these threads a few weeks ago, I'm enjoying following them! Cheers, Lesley :)
    Yes Bruddah Jon,
    Davey does spead the good vibes and a darn good guy.... mahalo Davey
    hey Dave, just stopping by to say g'day brother and to say thanks for all the love and good vibes you spread round this place. Blessings from Oz my friend!
    Hey! Thank you SO much! We are just a group of ukin' mamas that hang out once a's our Wednesday night sanity check. ;) Our goal is to record something each week to keep us motivated and focused. We may just throw another entry into the contest this week!

    This is a neat forum....I think you'll be seeing more of us. :)

    Thanks again for the kind words!
    Just a lookeey likeey, mate. :)

    If you're ever near The Plough pub in Ley Green on a Tuesday evening, pop into my acoustic session and join us!
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