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  • Hey Uncle Rod, Relative to my confusion in bootcamp. My ear now knows when to put in a diminished chord.:cool:I still need to acquire more facility in making the chords but now I know when to use them. Your Bootcamp method is the best!
    Howzit Unko Rod...your PM box is filled brah..how can I get in touch with you lidat... :)
    Aloha Unko Rod, Hauoli la Hanau greetings, Bruddah...hope you are well and you had a awesome day with family and friends..:shaka::smileybounce::)
    Hi, just wanted to say thank yo for the boot camp practice sheets, I love those chord progressions, and they are getting a bit easier already! Fantastic, thank you for your generosity!
    No worries. as the German proverb goes, "In the beginning everything is hard".

    In other words, give it some time and it will get easier. It takes time for callouses to form on your fingertips and it takes time for your muscles to learn how to work together to get your fingers into the correct positions.
    You are definitely on the right path as you are actually doing something about it! Hence, no worries... it will come and that sooner rather than later! It all adds up, especially when we practice more or less regularly without too much time off.
    At our SUPA song circle it is evident whether our members have been playing on the side or simply waiting for the next song circle. those who play on the side (ie practice) get better and better sooner. Those who simply play once a month show little or no improvement. they are either OK with this, or they don't get it - that practice will make things easier and better.
    So take heart!

    keep uke'in',
    Oops---I meant C-Cdim-Dm7 and F-Fdim-Gm7 are particularly troublesome. See how mixed up I get?
    Your practice sheet is helping me, but each time I sit down to work on it, it's as if I'm working through it for the first time. The F-Fdim-Dm7 is particularly challenging for fingers that don't move like "jumping fleas." :)
    Just send me $1 or $2 international to my paypal mr.moonlight@silentdnb.com. Also let me know how many stickers you would like.
    Hi Rod, Hope you are well. Fred Sokolow is doing a uke workshop at Dusty Strings on April 1. I'm looking around in the Seattle uke community for someone that can put him and his bass playing wife up for that night. They are great folks. Let me know if you can put the word out. Thanks, Jim D'Ville
    Uncle Rod, your inbox if full!!! For stickers, just send me $1 via paypal. mr.moonlight@silentdnb.com. $2 if you're international. Stickers will be ready in around 2-3 weeks. Remember to include your address.

    Happy New Year,

    OK, just paid via PayPal!

    can't wait for the delivery!

    Thanks Mim. Will we ever meet?

    I hope you can make it to the annual Ukulele Festival in Honolulu during mid-July. It's practically the home of UU and Aldrine comes very often from Kaua'i.

    Anyway, again, best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!
    Uncle Rod!!! You need to clean out your in-box ;) I sent you a paypal inoice so I can get that peanut out to you tomorrow. Sorry for the delay. I have been up to my eyeballs in orders.
    Thanks Mim, I've wanted to do business with you for some time now and now's the time.

    Please forgive my anxiety re: this purchase. Please take your time. I know you are known for your setup of products and I'm looking forward to experiencing it myself.

    I hope your business picks up this year, not to increase you stress level, but to reward the way you take care of your customers.

    Please keep the UU Ohana informed about what Eleuke is bringing out.

    Thanks again!
    Yes sir I did! Sorry, just swamped right now. I will take care of it tonight.
    Hey Stan, I was just listening to Big Al, went to his website and downloaded a few songs and enjoyed many of his videos.

    Mele Kalikimaka brah, and Hau'oli makhiki hou!

    keep ukein', maybe you'll get a Mo Betta one day! : )
    Good Morning...Just wanted to say Hi and Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas...Have a nice one....Your friend, Stan:)
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