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  • Rob, I need some help getting the social media share boxes on my YT accounts. Do you have time to help? 3 " solid ice here :-(
    SOTU-149 Hey Rob. Hadn't heard JoH for a long time.Sweet. What do you use for the follow the bouncing ball script?I know your in Finland but this reeks of a Brit Club. Do they really sing a long to ballads like this in the british clubs?
    Hi Rob. Your in-box is full.
    I sure hope you'll find time to record the simple song for the Seasonistas Anthem. You're a core Seasonista and we NEED you in the group sing! Ginny
    congratulations brother, you win the award for avatar of the century. What a brilliant image that is, great choice. Love it to bits and pieces. Very similar to the cover of Richard Buckner's self-titled album...you'd love that too :)
    hi Rob
    thanks for the video link you sent. It really does amaze me how closely alligned are our musical interests...Tom Russell is a great favorite of mine, I have a number of his records and a couple of live documentary style DVDs of his playing. Would be happy to send some your way if you were interested...cheers mate, jon.
    Your Mack The Knife cover for Mim's Razzle Dazzle for a Makai contest is absolutely sublime! Creepy and foreboding and manical, but always with a measured control. With your full-on accent, and the uke playing just like some evil music box...absolutely howling! For anyone who hasn't seen it, see wgy's youtube channel. New subscriber here, love your offbeat sensibilities, brother wee.
    So happy to find your request Rob, and to find you at the same time! I'm a little bit lost here, forum traffic is totally new for me! hé! hé! I feel like a BIG IDIOT! ... Maybe I am LOL ;°)
    Cheers and take care
    PS: Will you go to UWC on June?
    HA! Actually I'd just been swimming with my 4 year old daughter. We were leaving and I put her goggles on. She snapped the pic with my phone!
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