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  • Hello Stacie, I cannot figure out how to use attachments. I use valid links but... Where do I find the instructions to load or post attachments? Thanks.
    Hi Astacie,

    Can you tell me how many people I address in one PM? I have a large group of PoHos I need to send a note out to. Thanks. Sukie
    Hey WW -- where in Pasadena do you live? I lived there for 15 years, near CalTech and was marketing director at Vroman's Bookstore for much of that time. Wondering if our paths ever crossed . . .
    Hi wickedwahine11, thanks for being my UU friend! :) Hope all is well, Aloha and of course, HAPPY STRUMMING!:)
    Somehow I managed to repost the message, so now I've erased it and am posting...OOPS!!!

    I think I've read somewhere that you've met Paul Okami of KoAloha. I don't know if you've seen an example of his customs or not, but I post pics on a couple of threads. Take a look and you'll see he's as great of an artist as a person.

    Is there a way to delete a thread? Someone on the forum has asked my thread "Mike Da Silva" to be deleted. I'd prefer to not get into why if it's not necessary, but I respect his wishes.

    Going to Honolulu for a couple of days then to Maui for 10 days, then back to Honolulu for a couple of days. Heading to Kamaka for the tour and to pick up my vintage pinapple that they repaired. I noticed on your blog that you stay at the HHV! That is where we always stay in Honolulu. You took the 42 bus to Kamaka? How long was the trip? Not sure about The Bus or getting a taxi!
    Aloha Staci! I just connected to your blog and it is amazing!!! Your Hawaiian vacation stories brings back memories..all good!! I booked marked it so I can visit it again!! You are lucky to be able to get to Hawaii so often...I am on the East coast and the air fare is always too high, but I have been there 3 times and heading again in August! Can't wait to return to paradise!!
    Hey :) I heard that you recently ordered a set of T2 tenor d'addario strings, and I was wondering how/where you ordered them, if you got them in a pack or if you got them individually... I'm totally clueless when it comes to this sort of thing!
    Love your ukes, I am thinking about getting Kamaka HF3. Yours seems to have a higher grade of Koa, it looks like an upgrade from standard one that I have seen, did you have to spacial order or paying extra?
    Hi, My name is Dan. People around here call me Big Dan. I absolutely love your uke collection. Those are some beautiful instruments. Just wanted to mention it. I drool every time I see your sig. See ya around. -Big Dan
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