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  • I didn't get to spend enough time with you.
    (Stops to wipe a tear)
    The best of everything until we meet again.


    P.S. I love your singing voice.
    I go with John, but I'm flexible. :) I'm glad to connect with you, too. It seems there are a lot of great players in your neck of the woods, and also in Melbourne. If I ever make it over, I'm definitely bringing a ukulele or two! :)
    Hi Jen

    Debbie T here, your facebook friend!

    I'm only on UU now and again but hopefully speak soon!

    Hello YogaJen - I looked at some of your photos. Is Richard G. in your local club? I think I see him in a few of your photos.
    Where the heck have you been, woman? You werejust settling in to the Po-Ho thread and you seem to have gotten busy. I just wanted to say "Hi!" I'm thinking about ya!
    Hi, Jen.

    I am writing to let you know that someone has hacked my Facebook account. Please be careful when you are online.

    I will not be on Facebook until this problem has been solved. I will miss seeing your posts and reading what you have to say!

    Can you help share this information with any of our countless mutualy ukulele friends? I am asking all friends t do the same. I don't want anyone to mistakenly chat or message with whomever is pretending to be me!


    Aloha and Greetings from Hawaii...YogaJen,
    Thanks for the friends request, the Gibson must be bringing you alot of fun and happiness.
    Actually for awhile I am looking for a gibson tenor, but they're very rare..You're so lucky!!!
    "Keep strumming them strings" Take Care, Until next time...Cheers, MM Stan....
    Aloha Jen! Greetings from the Pacific North West. I Visited beautiful Australia, (Fremantle & Perth), when I was in the Navy. I was very tempted to jump ship and stay there. I've been playing Uke now for a few months, I played guitar off and on for years and have found the Uke to be a much more friendly and enjoyable instrument to play. The UU is awsome community, Bright Blessings...
    Hey! I am just getting back into UU and had a great time at the jam. Im glad that we found more ukulele players!
    Hi Jen!

    Nam From Melbourne. Have been to Sydney a couple times for work in the few weeks. Might be heading up there again soon hehe
    Do you know where St leonards is?
    Hey :) Thanks for the add. I've heard only good things about you from UWC. I'll see you around the the Underground
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