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  1. Low G string set on vintage Martin Soprano?

    Will using a low G string set on a vintage Martin Soprano cause undo
    stress on the bridge or top? Prefer actual users rather than theoretical
    Thanks so Much
  2. Pros and Cons of large radius fingerboard?

    Could those in the know kindly shed some light on ordering a ukulele with a large fingerboard curvature. (ie 7.5-9.5)
    Also, how does scale length figure into the issue. Any help would be greatly...
  3. I would love to hear a brief sound sample. Much...

    I would love to hear a brief sound sample.
    Much Thanks
  4. Action?

    Kindly provide string height at the 12th fret on the bass and treble sides.
    (measured from the top of the fret to the bottom of the string)
    Much Thanks
  5. What size is the Conrad?

    What size is the Conrad?
  6. WTB Soprano with Radiused Fingerboard

    The title says it all! Would consider a concert with a radius also.
    Much Thanks
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    WTB Barron River or Webber Ukulele

    Any size considered.
    Thanks So Much
  8. Martin Style 51 Baritone versus Modern Luthier Built Baritone?

    I'm in the market for a high end baritone uke. Could those who own or have played both a Martin baritone and a luthier built baritone comment as to sound, feel, and playability of each?
    Much Thanks
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    Purple Heart Ukulele?

    Have any of you seen or played a Purple Heart uke? My question is how it sounds. Is is better or worse than traditional ukes or is it just different but sounds fine.
    Also is the look good or garish?...
  10. Gibson Baritone Uke kits from the 60's?

    Does anyone know anything about ukulele building kits offered by Gibson in the 60's?
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    David Webber Ukuleles

    Anyone own or played a Webber Ukulele? They look interesting, but can't find any info or videos.
    Much Thanks
  12. Is a case included? Thanks

    Is a case included?
  13. Where was uke made? Much Thanks

    Where was uke made?
    Much Thanks
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