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    Wow, Austin, these are absolutely fantastic!...

    Wow, Austin, these are absolutely fantastic! You're really talented, I really love how no matter how incredible the creature's you've drawn are, they never draw away too much attention from the...
  2. Breezy Nights on the Continent: A new original song

    Hey, forum, I am back again with another ukulele ballad, this one a little bit faster than previous that focuses on adventure and escaping reality. The link is here for anyone interested:...
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    Wow, what a beautiful song for such a lovely day!...

    Wow, what a beautiful song for such a lovely day! x
  4. Madness multiplied: An Original Uke Song

    Hey, forums,
    I have written another song on the ukulele called Madness Multiplied and posted it on my youtube channel here:
    The song is about a woman...
  5. 'Desperate to Dream': A new original song by AnonymousLou Music

    my second ever youtube video is up! This one is another original ukulele ballad called 'Desperate to dream' which tells the story of an individual driven mad by their desire to succeed.
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    Thanks! A youtube channel has been in the works...

    Thanks! A youtube channel has been in the works for a few months I just needed to find the right song to upload. I am so excited to upload more to the channel :)
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    The start of my journey

    Hi, I have been playing the ukulele for a short while now and have just started a youtube channel.
    My first song is up there which is a ukulele ballad all about easier times that I hope are to come...
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