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  1. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” Fingerstyle!

    Here is my friend, AJ playing one of my favorite love tunes! :o
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    Triplet Picking Technique...

    Triplet Picking Technique - In this session, you’ll learn the triplet picking technique used in classical guitar mainstays like, “Malagueña.” We’ll cover what triplets are from a rhythmic standpoint,...
  3. "Bohemian Rhapsody" Fingerstyle Arrangement! (Not Jake's)

    My talented friend, Evan blew me away with his arr. on this iconic classic rock tune! :D
  4. 4 Things To Consider Before Buying a Ukulele! (Buyer's Guide)

    A few week's ago, I got a chance to stop by Uke Republic to record an in-depth buyer's guide that covers 4 key areas to consider when shopping for a new ukulele. These four areas are:

    1) Budget -...
  5. Fingerstyle take on "The Sound of Silence"

    I've always loved this melody! :D
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    Tips for Memorizing Music...

    Tips for Memorizing Music - Do you struggle with memorizing music? In this session, we’ll cover the do’s and don’ts when it comes to learning and memorizing new music.

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    A Spooky Halloween Tune!

    I'm kicking off the holiday a month early :D This one was so much fun! Anyone remember the movie it's from, Candyman?
  8. My Latest Original Fingerstyle Piece :)

    My latest original, which has a really chill vibe :cool:
  9. Puff, the Magic Dragon - Fingerstyle Take :)

    One of my favorite childhood songs :D
  10. "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue" - Instrumental Strumming Version

    My talented friend, Chris, performing the vintage uke tune, "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue". I love his strumming technique, it's so expressive!
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    Strumming Techniques: Beyond the Island Strum...

    Strumming Techniques: Beyond the Island Strum - For most of us, our ukulele journey begins by learning to strum a few chords. We dive into strumming patterns, such as the ever-popular “Island Strum”...
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    An Original Strumming Song!

    My friend, Stephen, wrote this catchy sounding uke tune! Hope you guys dig it :D
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    A Beginner’s Guide to Dynamics!...

    A Beginner’s Guide to Dynamics! - Dynamics breathe life into our performance. But what exactly is it? And how do we incorporate it into our playing? Grab your uke and get ready to make it sing as we...
  14. House of the Rising Sun (Fingerstyle)

    Here is my talented friend, Matt performing "House of the Rising Sun". I love how he blended Strumming & Fingerpicking in this Fingerstyle arr. :D
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    Original Spanish Fingerstyle Song!

    I had a chance to write an original with my friend, Evan J De Silva. We call it, "Spanish Nights". Hope you guys dig it! :D
  16. "Sakura Sakura" - Japanese Fingerstyle Folk Song

    Such a cool melody in this tune :)
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    An Original Fingerstyle Love Song

    This is such a beautiful song. Matt wrote it for his wife and it was the song she walked down the aisle to :)
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    Practicing with a Metronome...

    Practicing with a Metronome - Have you ever felt lost or confused when trying to practice with a metronome? Worry not, as this month’s live lesson will lay down a clear path to help you see how...
  19. Kemp's Jig - Fingerstyle English Folk Song on Low G

    Such a cute melody and fun song to play :D
  20. James Bond Theme - Fingerstyle JAM w/ Band!

    Hey guys! Here are my uber talented friends jamming on the Theme to 'James Bond'. Hope you enjoy it :D
  21. Fingerstyle take on "The Star Spangled Banner"

    We are celebrating the 4th early this year! :D Hope you enjoy my friend, Matt's take on TSSB.
  22. STAR WARS Fingerstyle Medley! (incl. Main Theme + Imperial March)

    My ultra talented friend, Matt, rockin' some Star Wars tunes! :D
  23. "Sleep Walk" - Fingerstyle Take on 50's Hit :)

    I've always loved this melody! Hope you enjoy my friend, AJ's take on it. :D
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    Here's an awesome lesson...

    Here's an awesome lesson from Matt Dahlberg that talks about how we can get different timbres (textures of sound) out of our playing. This lesson is great for those who play fingerstyle, as it...
  25. Fingerstyle take on "Sweet Child O’ Mine"

    Hey guys! This is my AMAZING friend, Evan. Hope you enjoy it! :D
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