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  1. Win one of 3 Pineapple Ukuleles

    Hi Uke-folk,

    My name's Ben and, and the company that provide me with ukuleles for my adventures and tutorials are launching their pineapple uke this Christmas. It's a nice soprano, colourful...
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    An Eagle-Giant and a Uke

    Hey folks !

    A little original uke song, from the edge of the northernmost Fjord of Iceland !

    uke on !
  3. Cover of Blackbird on the Uke (and in the garden)

    A cover of the Beatles' Blackbird (Paul Mccartney)

    in a garden, because I thought, that's probably where you most find blackbirds :D
  4. An original Ukuele dance on the streets of old Quebec city !

    Hi Ukers !

    I composed a recorded a ukulele canadian turlutte/song to celebrate the past of the wonderful stone-ey city of Québec ! And so, onto the walls, all the historical figures are invited to...
  5. Ukulele Canon - 3 voices, on a Québec Beach

    Hi all !

    Here's a little three part canon, illustrating the explorer Samuel d.C.'s joy at finding the pierced isle.

    Live (-ish, as...
  6. "A Ukulele Christmas" Album

    Hey Folks,

    Just finished my christmas album, full of ukulele and cinamon.
    If you like that kind of thing ;)

    Tis the season to uke...
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    "A Ukulele Christmas" Album

    Hey Folks,

    Just finished my christmas album, full of ukulele and cinamon.
    If you like that kind of thing ;)

    Tis the season to uke...
  8. Home cover with me and two clones !

    HOME by Edward SHarpe and the magnetic zeros, my cover :)

    covered this one with clones. They're nice... but they could focus on the song more... haha...
  9. A ukulele song on top of Beautiful Landscape

    Hi All !!

    My ukuleles are taking up to beautiful and peaceful heights on this trip :)

    Here, in the heart of Romania, by the "red lake" ...
  10. Another bad cover of "cups" ^^

    A couple of years late,

    I covered cups in an echo-y train station.

  11. My Ukulele Album - Listen for free and/or buy to support :)

    Hey friends !

    My own ukulele road trips album is available for free listening !
    If you'd like to support the ukulele road trips project, you can of course buy it too. I would be very touched :)
  12. Cultural Chit chat around a ukulele and songs

    Hi All !!!!

    I'm travelling on my cultural mission Ukulele Road Trips,
    And this week, amidst the ukulele songs, I discussed with a few Romanians, their culture, history, and ... well, lives ! :D
  13. If you wish to support my adventure with my...

    If you wish to support my adventure with my couple of ukes through Europe, you can always make a small donation and receive a postcard to your postal address !!...
  14. Hey Eric ! Haha, yep "artwork" ! lol Glad it...

    Hey Eric !
    Haha, yep "artwork" ! lol
    Glad it made it ^^
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    "Move it, Move it"

    Hi All !

    Did this one a few weeks back, about the moving churches of the Romanian Capital ^^


  16. Irregular 5/4 song written on the Ukulele

    Hi All !!

    I wrote my first ever 5/4 song, and recorded it at the top of a mountain in the Romanian coutryside !!

    Song and post are here ;)...
  17. Original song on a Romanian bench

    Hi guys

    Made it to Sibiu, Romania with my ukes. So of course, Song !! :D

    Hope you enjoy and pleaaase do comment...
  18. Dracula song in Transylvania - soprano

    Hi guys !
    Just finished a new song that I filmed in Transylvania. It's about Dracula - but not that one :)
  19. A Ukulele Road Trip though the world

    Hey fellow ukers.

    I posted a few weeks back, but got 0 feedback haha !

    I'm still road-tripping through Europe, writing songs as I discover new places and filming them there !! you can check out...
  20. Trying to make the Ukulele be Hard Core

    Hey fellow Ukers !!

    In a bucharest park, making my ukulele sound like ... muse ? trying to anyway :D
    the song is called "Socialism" and is about the regime in Romania up until the 80s.
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    Sticky: Good idea this thread. My youtube account is all...

    Good idea this thread.
    My youtube account is all about Ukuleleing and Traveling ! it's called "Ukulele Road Trips"

    :D uke on !
  22. New Uke Song in Eastern Europe with massive drums

    A Uke can be bad ass as well as sweet ;)

    Feel to gimme bito feedback
  23. Epic hard core soprano ukulele riffing

    New song on my ukulele road trips about communism in Romania.

    don't forget to check out the website :)

    Uke greetings ! :D
  24. Tenor Uke and Original Song in Bucharest ! :)

    Hey guys,

    Just did this original song, it's in this post :

    But also on youtube if you prefer :)...
  25. From Ukuleles to Communism and the Cold War - free Podcast

    Hello fellow multi-interest ukers !!

    With history, singing, facts and discovery, the travellin little blue Ukulele has a new podcast out, from ROMANIA, Bucharest ! It's got history, non-ukulele...
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