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  1. A Promise of Spring - cello banjo, banjo lute, sitar, silver & wood flutes

    Check out other videos of our original music:

  2. "Resonance" Fujara (Slovakian shepherd's flute), Tamboura, and Mother Nature

    Jessica Peterson: Fujara improvisation, and Videography
    Paul Roberts: Tamboura

    The fujara (pronounced fuyara), was developed over several centuries high in the...
  3. Wood Flute and Banjo Lute - Original Composition in Japanese Pentatonic Scale

    "Hirajōshi" is an orchestration of nature videography with original acoustic music.

    Jessica Peterson: Keyless wood flute, musical arrangement, and video creation.

    Paul Roberts: Banjo lute and...
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    Very intriguing. I'd like to play one of these.

    Very intriguing. I'd like to play one of these.
  5. "Wind in My Sails" Original tune and nature video - flutes, cello banjo, banjo lute
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