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  1. I took both your suggestions and strung up the...

    I took both your suggestions and strung up the M600s

    The strings are still settling in, but WOW what a difference. The strings are thinner and softer making it easier on my fingers. I don't buzz...
  2. Islander MSS4 observations from a noob

    There seems to be no definite thread review of this uke, although the random comments here and there regarding this uke are very positive. I don't have too much experience with ukes to give a...
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    buzzing experiences?

    I just got my Islander MSS4 uke from HMS! So excited and I've been playing for the past hour.. I'll put up a review in about a week or so as I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow.

    I've got an...
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    Thanks guys. The UAS urge is deceptively...

    Thanks guys. The UAS urge is deceptively strong.. I read/watch ukulele reviews both on here and on youtube for no good reason and I just start wanting..

    As for my name, Shake is good enough I...
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    Greetings from NYC!

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm very excited to have found these forums. The people here as well as the knowledge base is (are?) fantastic. This is a great community!

    I took the plunge and bought my first...
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