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  1. keithy351

    Wtb pono solid mango tenor

    g'day folks, just wondering if anyone has or anyone knows where i can get hold of a pono solid mango tenor ukulele?
  2. keithy351

    im baaaccckk

    well, so ive been away from ukes for a while now, beeen playing and learning guitar for about 5-6 months, and gave the uke up because i was simply over it, and sold off my kanilea k-1 tenor which right now i regret doing so much, so 6 months on i keep finding myself lately picking up my silly...
  3. keithy351

    kanilea K-1 tenor with Ohau case. bargain, still near brand new<SOLD>

    THIS UKULELE IS SOLD, HAPPY NEW UKE DAY COLMES, YOUR GETTING A FANTASTIC UKULELE g'day guys, for sale is my kanilea K-1 tenor with Ohau case, this ukulele is still in near brand new condition, as it has only been played a honest 6 times, the rest of the time it sat in its case, when i first...
  4. keithy351

    Happy australia day uu

    g'day happy australia day fellow australian and non australian UU members, light up the barbies, get ya lamb on there and celebrate whats great about out country ##EVERYTHING## proud to be australian
  5. keithy351

    please help, buzz in open pick still after string change

    g'day guys, im in real need of some help here, i just spent a week waiting for my new strings and bridge pins to come through, and i still have a loud buzz and vibration in my kanile'a k-1 tenor, as i said i replaced them with worth clears and theres stilll the same issue, could anyone please...
  6. keithy351

    I was MGM's 13000 feedback

    yep, you heard it, i feel somewhat privilaged
  7. keithy351

    Dam MGM is fast, ellis guitars in AUS are garbage

    so last friday, i ordered a set of worth Clears off MGM and some snakewood bridge pins from the website, an australian website, australia is where i reside, i can not believe it, the strings for MGM turned up TODAY, and theres no sign of my bridge pins yet, man i tell ya...
  8. keithy351

    Buzz in open string pluck and koa bridge pins????

    g'day all, first i hope everyone had a great christmas, festavis and new year... I've been off for a while due to the new update not allowing me to come back on so sorry if these wishes are a little late... now to the business of things My baby, kanile'a, dammm, i went to pick her up out of the...
  9. keithy351

    learning blues guitar where to start

    g'day everyone, well ukulele was my first ever instrament, ive always wanted to learn and play blues on the guitar and its kinda time i start learning, so can anyone suggest where to begin, some good sites or tabs from where to start, im gonna be secretly learning on my bros electric guitar...
  10. keithy351

    House at pooh corner aldrine lesson, wheres the lesson????

    ok ladies and gentlepeeps, i went lookin for this song and was stoaked to see aldrine done a lesson, so after watching the lesson, i only seen aldine play the song thats it, is there another link around to the complete lesson or can someone possibly help out with the picking style that hes...
  11. keithy351

    Ka'au Crater Boys - Guava Jelly (strumming and picking version watch vid)

    g'day really wanna learn this song Ka'au Crater Boys - Guava Jelly but cant find tabs for it anywhere, can only find tabs for guava jam which is different heres the youtube link of the vid, if anyone has links to the small chords, the small riff the throw in every now and then and the solo i...
  12. keithy351

    lost interest for a bit, dont know why

    hey guys, dont know why but lately ive lost interest in my uke, basically hasnt come out of its case for about a week just havnt had interest, help me out, how can i regain my interest, golf has taken over
  13. keithy351

    ukulele underground get happy thread... say something nice about the person above you

    ok guys, alot includeing me have be going a little over the top on this forum lately and there seems to be alot of tension... so im gonna start a "say something nice about the person above you thread" show everyone that we are nice people, relieve your tension and make someone else feel good...
  14. keithy351

    just bought a DJEMBE of ebay

    sucked it up... tuffened up and forked out for way, mega stoaked with the deal, heres a pic of the bad boy, what use think, comes with a harness and carry bag, should be fun cost me a $160 of your measly human dollars i mean our human dollars :uhoh: yehh now they will think i am human and take...
  15. keithy351

    just cant sing high enough, they called the animal rescue, thought a cat was dying

    what i love: playing and singing at the same time.... my problem... cant sing high enough and when i do try to sing those notes it sounds like they got a goat... stuck it in a novelty size blender turned it on for a few seconds, then turned it off and the goat is still in there half alive...
  16. keithy351

    Wollongong/sydney... Australia nsw meet up

    g'day fellow aussie ukers... well ive been talkin to another fella on here about some sort of meet up... it not gonna be for another 7-8 weeks but i thought i would get in early and ya fellas can make sure you got the date free... What im after is basically everyone who would be keen to meet up...
  17. keithy351

    gauva jelly.... ka'au crater boys version

    g'day all, well this is the next song on my list to learn, i seen aldrine done a vid of the bob marley version but really dig the ka'au crater boys version, ive got the 2 solo tabs already, what im after is the propper chords for the song and the little licks they throw in through the song and...
  18. keithy351

    does anyone here play the bongos or jam on the uke with someone who does??

    g'day, well ive been keen on getting a set for $90 from music store close by, there a 7" and 9" one, joined.... always been interested but never really given it too much attention, what are they like to play in regards too, do they get boring quickly? can you play alone and sound half decent...
  19. keithy351

    call of duty modern warfare 2... xbox 360 yehhh get some

    ok so for those who are waiting out for this game, ima gonna say, this game is the game of the year..... wicked wicked wicked, for those who enjoy multiplayer, i can confirm after a few hours online that theres no judgement.... couple of little changes here and there, but damm, what a game... ftw
  20. keithy351

    few thoughts so far on custom uke... whats these things called??

    g'day, well after posting with thoughts of next uke, and the mention by a member of going for a custom, got me thinkin, so past week ive kinda been drawing down on paper what i want out of a uke, now before i go sending off what my ideas are, just wanted to know, ive seen a black binding around...