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  1. GX9901

    Martin C1K sound sample/Rolling in the Deep cover

    I've been gushing about the Martin C1K since I got it, but up to now have not posted any type of sound sample. So here is Jake Shimabukuro's version of Adele's Rolling in the Deep played on the Martin C1K. I am still very impressed by the C1K's sound in person, but I think because it has a lot...
  2. GX9901

    Don't Stop Believin' (Shimabukuro version) attempt

    Here's a quick attempt on Jake Shimabukuro's version of "Don't Stop Believin'". There are several mess-ups in the video, but that's what I do. It's a very fun song to play. Hopefully I get better at it (that goes for most other songs I "play") and shoot a better video sometime. (yes, that's...
  3. GX9901

    New uke! (Martin C1K)

    It's been a while since I've bought a real ukulele (the Epiphone Les Paul doesn't really count), but it's always difficult to go on a trip to Hawaii and not leave with one. I've actually been UAS-free for a while now, and I really didn't plan on buying a uke during this trip, but I was more or...
  4. GX9901

    Getting a little bit of Jake Shimabukuro mojo on my uke

    I went to Jake Shimabukuro's concert in Minneapolis tonight and brought my Glyph mezzo-soprano that was patterned after his Kamaka hoping to have him check it out and even play it a little bit. He did just that after the concert and seemed to like the uke as he noodled on it a little bit. He...
  5. GX9901

    Another Kalei Gamiao-The Unknown cover attempt

    Here's a cover attempt at Kalei Gamiao's The Unknown. It's much worse than Casey's cover but I was pretty excited when this song came together for me today, so I wanted to upload something. One thing I noticed after watching this video is that I'm a lot worse at the "Kalei Gamiao strum" than I...
  6. GX9901

    Ko'olau CE-1 solid body tenor Myrtle

    *CONDITION & PRICE UPDATE* Up for sale is my Ko'olau CE-1 solid body tenor made with a nicely figured myrtle top (check out the pictures below). It's a standard CE-1 model with upgraded ebony headplate and macassar ebony fretboard and bridge. The hardware are gold plated. It's a very well...
  7. GX9901

    FS: Lanikai zebrawood concert ukulele SZW-C<SOLD>>

    Up for sale is a Lanikai zebrawood concert ukulele, model SZW-C. It is from Lanikai's exotic series and features the following: -Solid zebrawood top, back, & sides. -Slotted headstock. -Gold plated Grover tuners. -Rosewood fretboard and bridge. -Rosewood body and fretboard binding. -37mm nut...
  8. GX9901

    New uke day!

    There's a new Mya-Moe strung up almost every day, so I'm sure many other have received theirs recently or are about to receive one. I received mine today and I'm very pleased with it. I think it looks great and hopefully with a bit of playing time, it will open up a little and sound perfect...
  9. GX9901

    An attempt at Jake's version of Bohemian Rhapsody

    I've been working hard at learning Bohemian Rhapsody. I mostly learned it from watching Nuprin's video of this song. I finally am able to play it all the way through, albeit badly, so I threw a video of this on Youtube. I hope to be able to play it better in the near future, but I'm pretty...
  10. GX9901

    Hallelujah (Jake Shimabukuro version) cover

    I recently decided to learn a few new songs from Jake Shimabukuro's Peace Love Ukulele album. This is the first one that I could play halfway decently so far. Thanks for watching!
  11. GX9901

    Kalei Gamiao's Shore Break cover

    I learned this one off Kalei's self titled CD. I think this is the first solo ukulele arrangement I've learned totally by ear because there are no tabs or videos I could learn it from. It's a pretty simple arrangement and I've enjoyed listening to it. Hopefully I did an OK cover here. If you...
  12. GX9901

    Mach 4 on Kala Pocket uke

    I gave it a shot, and now you can laugh at it....:p
  13. GX9901

    Impressions of the Kala acacia pocket ukulele

    I decided to get one of these Kala pocket ukes last week and it arrived yesterday. I wrote some impression about it on my blog. Check it out if you're interested. EDIT: Now with sound sample video...
  14. GX9901

    Cover of Jake Shimabukuro's 143

    I had some time with my almost 6 months old son tonight, so I took a quick video playing 143 with him. It's a fairly easy song to play so it was not much of problem to play while holding a baby.:D Can't do this with a guitar!
  15. GX9901

    Kiss From a Rose cover (Kalei Gamiao version)

    Here's a cover of Kiss From a Rose as played by Kalei Gamiao. I really like his ukulele playing style and it's been fun trying to learn a couple of his arrangements. I actually started learning this before Mach 4, but for some reason this came together for me slower even though I thought it...
  16. GX9901

    Kalei Gamiao's Mach 4 cover

    I've been playing this song a lot the last couple of days so I tried to take a better video than the "Mach 3" I've posted a few days a go. This one is more complete and a little bit better. Not perfect by a long shot, but who is perfect? Certainly not me.:p
  17. GX9901

    Mach 3 (Not quite Mach 4 cover)

    I've been obsessed with learning Kalei Gamiao's Mach 4 over the last several days. When I first heard this song last week I didn't think I'd ever be able to play it. But after noodling around with it, I realized that I could actually play it a little bit and started working hard on it over the...
  18. GX9901

    Glyph Mezzo Soprano: 3.5 years in the making

    What's up UU! I have not posted or even lurked around here for quite some time as I have been occupied by some other stuff. But my passion for the ukulele has never waned and I figure I would share with the UU community by posting about a ukulele I've been waiting on for literally three and a...
  19. GX9901

    Pineapple Sunday versions

    There seems to be a lot of talk about Pineapple Sundays of late and it almost seems to me that every P.S. is different. How about compling a list of Pineapple Sunday variations in this thread? Could be interesting. I think there are several areas where the P.S. has undergone changes, so how...
  20. GX9901

    Gypsy Ukulele on Gypsy Rose (cover)

    Since before I got my Kepasa Gypsy Rose, I've wanted to make a video playing Gypsy Ukulele on the Gypsy Rose. It's probably pretty cheezy, but I thought it'd be cool. It took me long enough (1.5 years!) to finally learn the song from Dominator's tabs, so here it is. The backup chords were...