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    My magnum opus

    I hope you enjoy it at least half as much I as enjoyed recording it
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    Sail - AWOLNation uke and guitar loop pedal cover

    Hope ya dig!
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    Feel Good Inc cover with loop pedal

    I hope you enjoy my take on Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz using my new loop pedal.
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    Multitrack cover of All Star by Smash Mouth

    I hope you guys enjoy it!!
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    These Days - Foo Fighters uke instrumental

    This one was easy and fun.
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers uke and bass cover!

    I LOVE this song. Dunno why it took me s long to decide to record this one. The Adventures of Raindance Maggie on uke and bass
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    Jack White's new song Love Interruption

    This was just released today and I loved it so much I had to cover it!
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    My new album of ukulele songs. Free!

    Thanks to all who checked out my first album last year. I just recorded my 2nd album, entitled "LOLZ". All ukulele comedy songs. Please take a listen! It;s free to listen to and download.
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    Mahalo U30

    Did a quick video review of the Mahalo U30 Painted Economy Soprano Ukulele.
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    Love At First Click - original uke song Hope ya'll like my new tune :)
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    Ecstasy - original song lyric video

    An old original that got featured on the UU frontpage in 09. Re-recorded in 2010, album released.. and for some reason today I got the urge to make a video with one of the recordings.
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    2 new videos... Boyz II Men and Barry White covers

    Hey yall. Posted some new videos if you wanna check em out. Barry White: Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe Boyz II Men - Water Runs Dry
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    Collab with ItsDeets on Your touch by The Black Keys MAN this was fun. I also tabbed it out in the tab section if you wanna jam along.
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    Modest Mouse - Float On cover

    Come play along with me :)
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    My CD is out.

    First off: If this is considered spam please feel free to remove it. This is regarding a CD release of ukulele music. :spam: Hey everyone. I decided to take some of my originals and put them on an album for sale from my website. The CD is entitled "Gluttony, Alcohol, Misogyny, Ukulele". So...
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    Closer - Nine Inch Nails cover

    Language warning and a half. It's time to get ridiculous.
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    Wanted: Eleuke

    I want one of these: Have a few ukes to trade. Most of them are worth more than an eleuke though so I'll most likely be buying it from you unless you wanna do trade + extra monies or whatever. There's a few threads but from what I can see they're all...
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    Solid body Fluke

    About a week ago I posted about my dream come true - they have released a Flea with a tenor neck. Well the dream that I usually have right after that includes this: Solid body Fluke! I did a search and didn't see any...
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    Upside Down by Jack Johnson Wewt.
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    Tenor neck Flea!! OMG I couldn't possibly need this more. Yes, need. What do you guys think? commented on how the proportions will take getting used to.