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  1. pithaya9

    FS Tangi Mini<SOLD>

    Selling my Tangi Mini. Got a few months back from MGM he said it was his last and that he found it in his garage. Comes with the plastic stand. $85.00 includes shipping to US only. Thanks for looking. Jack
  2. pithaya9

    T2 Tenor Neck Soprano Koa KoAloha<SOLD>

    SOLD!!! KSM-T2 TENOR NECK SOPRANO KOA KOALOHA UKULELE Aloha fellow UUer's. I am sad to say that due to some very unexpected. med. problems I will need to sell most if not all of my ukulele's. This is my T2 Tenor Neck for sale. This one was from the first batch. Never even been played except...
  3. pithaya9

    Whats your favorite uke shop on Maui

    Aloha everyone, I'm on Maui for a week and was looking for what else but uke shops. If you could, tell me what is your favorite shop and where its located. I hope to stop by them all while I'm here. Mahalo Jack
  4. pithaya9

    KoAloha T2 Soprano Day

    Just unboxed the newest KoAloha today the T2 Tenor Neck Soprano. She's a nice one, thanks to MGM. The sound files are from Mike (wish I could play 1/4 as good as he can). There are a few more pics in my album if anyone cares to look.
  5. pithaya9

    Happy Birthday Melissa82

    Here to wishing you a Happy Birthday Melissa. Thanks for your work as a Mod keeping the Underground safe. Jack
  6. pithaya9

    Happy Birthday Ahnko Honu

    Have a Happy Birthday Ahnko! Had to start a new thread as you don't have a place for members to leave you a message and your mail box is full. Jack
  7. pithaya9

    New Old KoAloha

    Santa brought a 1996 Soprano. It has the original headstock and original tag. Lucky me!