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  1. johncaudrey

    On A Coconut Island

    It's been a while! Hope everyone is good on here!
  2. johncaudrey


    Here's a song I just can't stop playing!
  3. johncaudrey

    Minor Swing

    Been jamming a few Django tunes recently with a flautist and a bass player. Here's our first attempt at recording one. Still needs work! :-)
  4. johncaudrey

    Sweet Sue, Just You

    It's been a while since I posted a video here and as this little song from 1928 has been stuck in my head for the last couple of days, I decided to have a go at recording it. 'Better out than in' as they say!
  5. johncaudrey

    Crazy words, crazy tune

    I haven't been around these parts much recently, I should probably dip in a bit more often! Here's an oldie from the 20's from me: I like the oldies! :)
  6. johncaudrey

    Talk about vintage ukes

    I have a pretty nice collection of vintage Martins for a UK collector, though an imminent new arrival to our household means I might need to curb my spending for while! :-) From left to right: Style 0 1940's, Style 2 1950's, Style 3 1922-23, Style 5K late 1920's/early 1930's, Style 3K late...
  7. johncaudrey

    Learn To Fly

    Just realised I haven't posted any songs here recently. We're still making regular live recordings at our rehearsal sessions and now have a nice new shiny Zoom R16 recorder which allows us to use more mics. The recordings are all done in one take, but it allows us to adjust the levels after, to...
  8. johncaudrey

    Ben Folds posts our cover of his song!

    Hey Folks We are rather pleased that Ben Folds posted a link to our bands cover of his song 'Army' on his Facebook page yesterday. 3000 + hits in 24 hours! If your are on FB: If not here's the link: Yay! :-)
  9. johncaudrey

    Live Recording Set-up

    Our ukulele band have been messing about with getting the best from our live recordings recently and uploading the audio results to our SoundCloud account: We decided at our last session to video us and the set up we are using. Here are the...
  10. johncaudrey

    Somewhere Beyond The Sea/La Mer

    Our bash at Somewhere Beyond The Sea/La Mer by Charles Trenet in both English and French!
  11. johncaudrey


    Been mucking about with this over the last couple of days and as I had nothing better today, I had a bash at recording it. It definitely still needs some work! :)
  12. johncaudrey

    Dream A Little Dream Of Me

    I teamed up with my friend Becca and her lovely voice once again for this one and kept the ukulele playing pretty minimal! Please feel free to comment etc.
  13. johncaudrey

    New Ukulele Group in Oxford, UK

    Hi Folks Just a quick post to let you know that there is a new ukulele session/get together in Oxford UK. We meet every other Monday night at the Port Mahon (pub). 7.30 - 10.00pm. Details at: or Facebook group...
  14. johncaudrey

    Fly Me To The Moon

    I've always loved this song, so I teamed up with a friend who can actually sing on this one, so you don't have to listen to me wailing! Any comments. constructive criticism gratefully received!
  15. johncaudrey

    Mr Sandman - Instrumental

    My attempt at something instrumental. Still needs lots of work: And a Happy New Year to everyone on Ukulele Underground! Cheers John
  16. johncaudrey

    The Hypnotist - Craig Robertson cover

    My bash at Craig Robertson's 'The Hypnotist' Thanks for watching, commenting etc and a Happy New Year to everyone one UU Cheers John
  17. johncaudrey

    A Lady Of A Certain Age - Divine Comedy - Cover

    Hi Folks Just had a crack at a multi track version of The Divine Comedy's 'A Lady Of A Certain Age: Please feel free to comment etc. Cheers John
  18. johncaudrey

    Blue Skies

    Hi Folks Just posted my 'no frills', 'one take' attempt at Irving Berlin's 'Blue Skies' on my lovely luthier built, Argapa piccolo uke that I won in the raffle at this years Hollesley Ukulele Festival. All comments/criticisms gratefully received...
  19. johncaudrey

    New Original Song

    Hi Folks Just uploaded our bands first 'original' song/video up on Youtube. Please comment/subscribe etc. Many thanks John
  20. johncaudrey

    Half The Time - Seeso - Cover

    Hi Folks Just had a one take bash at 'Half The Time' by Narciso Lobo (sesso) on my lovely new shiny Kanile'a K1 Tenor. Let me know what you think etc? Take care John