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    For Sale Kamaka Ohta-san HB-2

    Thanks! I’m an electric guitar builder also so I’ve been distracted with parts, amps and pedals lately.
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    For Sale Kamaka Ohta-san HB-2

    Thought I’d give this a bump. Naturally, after initially listing it, I began to like it more and more, but in reality, it has been sitting in the case and my attention and money are distracted on other instruments.
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    For Sale Kamaka Ohta-san HB-2

    Thanks for the replies and info. Been on vacation and forgot to check in.
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    For Sale Kamaka Ohta-san HB-2

    $1495 shipped. Pricing is now listed at the top of the listing.
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    For Sale Kamaka Ohta-san HB-2

    That’s awesome. Thanks so much for the help!
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    For Sale Kamaka Ohta-san HB-2

    For sale is my one owner Kamaka Otha-san. Solid koa. Purchased new a few months ago from HMS. It's rare to see a no frills model and I jumped at the chance to buy it. It's a fabulous ukulele and really great for finger picking in my opinion. It has the full setup from HMS and has zero issues or...
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    WTB Tim Laughlin Soprano

    There’s a beautiful one in my neck of the woods. :
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    SOLD: Pohaku Mahogany Art Deco Soprano

    This is my second Pohaku. Fit, finish and playability are always so good and they generally have a really unique look to them.
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    SOLD: Pohaku Mahogany Art Deco Soprano

    Built in 2021. Beautiful condition. Fit and finish are fantastic. Action and intonation are spot on. Only selling because I've been on a buying spree again. Includes hardshell case and free shipping in US. As always, I'm struggling to load photos, but I'm happy to email more. $550. PayPal or...
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    SOLD -- KoAloha Pineapple Soprano (2020)

    I’ll take it…!
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    Caution to UU people buying/selling on a WTB ad

    I received that exact message today also.
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    WTB: Maui Music Soprano

    Thanks for the info and leads everyone...!
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    WTB: Maui Music Soprano

    Probably a long shot, but let me know if you have one you'd like to sell...ideally with the curved/vintage headstock shape.
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    Flea Walnut Soprano

    Sold Great condition. No issues. Plays great and sounds just like a Flea should. Made in the USA. No case. $150 OBO.
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    Ohana SK-38 Mahogany Soprano

    Ohana's version of the Martin Style 2. Purchased new from MIM. Set up is great. Maybe some strumming marks on it but otherwise in great condition. No case. $140 shipped OBO.
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    Kanilea Soprano KS-1 Silk

    Photos...and they are sideways!?!?
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    Kanilea Soprano KS-1 Silk

    Like new...just a few weeks old. Plays great just like every other Kanilea I've played. This has Kanilea's Silk finish which feels fantastic. Includes Uke Crazy rigid canvas case. Free shipping. Feel free to email frolfer at gmail for better pics. $650 shipped within the continental US.
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    WTB: Kamaka HF-2 Concert

    Hi All, Anyone have one of these lying around collecting dust that you'd like to sell? I'm not too picky regarding age or condition. If you have one, please send me a PM or email (frolferatgmail) and let me know the age, condition and ballpark price. Thanks!
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    WTB: Soprano Black Bear, Pohaku, Donaldson,...

    Hi All, looking for something from a small builder. I’m sure I’m missing some others but my mind is drawing a blank. I’ve owned some of these in the past and want to start playing again. Thanks, Dave
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    WTB: Covered Bridge

    Please send me a PM if you have a tenor or concert. Thanks, Dave