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    Alohi Strings

    I just changed the strings on my Pono Acacia Tenor from Ko'olau Mahana to Ko'olau Alohi strings and they sound great! I only had the Mahana strings on for about a week or so and noticed, especially when playing with a friend on his Aquila strung concert, that it was super quiet. My friend's...
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    Ukulele Hard Shell Case Harness?

    sI just got a new Pono ATD with the Oahu hardshell case. I'd like to be able to carry it with a strap over my shoulder but as a standard hardshell case, it doesn't come with strap hooks. Do you know of any ukulele case covers or a harness that I could buy to carry it around easier? Thanks =)
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    Thanks MGM, my Pono is here! (with some pics)

    I'm still relatively new to the uke, let alone getting decent sound into the computer. When I feel more confident I'll post a sound sample. Couldn't put this thing down today. I changed the C string to a non-wound and love the feel and sound of it. The more I look at it the more beautiful I...
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    Thanks MGM, my Pono is here! (with some pics)

    First of all, I would like to thank MGM at Hawaii Music Supply for providing me with excellent advice and service. The Ponos were on back order for a month and customs held them almost another two weeks. MusicGuyMic answered all my questions patiently (I had many of them) and got it to me soon...
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    torn...the usual g thread...

    So, I've searched and read all the forums on high g vs. low g. And every time I figure out what I want to play, I hear something that makes me change my mind. Right now I've switched to Low G, which I love for songs like Hallelujah and Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I've even come up with a nice...
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    $, New Uke!!!, and ::fidgets here:: Please Help!

    Patience has never been my strong suit. I began playing the ukulele about a month and a half ago and, after two weeks, decided to upgrade from my 50 dollar Lanikai LU21 I got from amazon. My price range was around $300. Not too much more for a decent beginner instrument, right? Well, I...
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    'Solo Guitar Playing' ukulele equivalent?

    Aloha, Several years back I started playing the classical guitar and bought a book called 'Solo Guitar Playing' by Frederick M. Noad. The book has years of study in it and starts by describing best body/hand placement. Then it teaches you how to sight read music and play the guitar string by...
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    D'addario Pro-Arte EJ45's on Soprano

    After a visit to the Aloha Warehouse in SF, I decided to start playing around with ukulele strings. Note that I'm not an expert, but in the spirit of these forums wanted to share some of my experience. I have a Lanikai LU21 soprano (upgrading to a pono atd as soon as HMS gets them back in!)...
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    Proper playing and scratch protection?

    Good day =) I am upgrading to a Pono ATD soon, and have noticed that my lanikai has a lot of scratches where the neck meets the soundboard (where I strum). Either this is normal or I'm not playing properly...when I watch Aldrine play on vids it looks like his fingertips are just touching the...
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    Hello from San Francisco, California =)

    I recently picked up a uke after seeing a friend with one. I've played the guitar for several years, but still consider myself a novice. Ukulele Underground has given me a lot of useful information so I thought I'd join. Thanks for all the help! Mike