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    For Sale Incredible Collings UT3K for sale with Original Hardshell Case!

    Wow, I guess I should have held on to this one :) Good luck with the sale!
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    SOTU 584 - Death and Life (Funeral Farewells)

    Thanks so much for hosting Chris! I wish I had more time to contribute and host. I looked through your spotify playlist and saw a song i'd been working on with one of the groups I play with. No Hard Feelings by the Avett Brothers. Such a beautiful tune. We're still working it out, but wanted to...
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    season 582 - from the kitchen

    Thanks for hosting Brian! Killer link to the Blues Kitchen TV Channel! Very fertile ground for finding songs and artists ~
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    Season 581 - It's... Frisco, it is... Albion

    Thanks for hosting YIle, here's a rare Hawaiian cover from me. Sorry for the verbal miscue, I referred to it as Season 580. I've recently began to build up my Hawaiian song set as i'm regularly being asked to accompany a couple of groups of Hula dancers. Island here refers to the Big Island of...
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    Season 580 "69 & 70"

    Thanks for hosting Bernie! Very sorry to hear about your loss and the health challenges Your mother-in-law is facing. I'm about to turn 60 which is a big number, and I never expected to be here at this age. Just doing my best to cherish the days that remain! This is such an excellent theme...
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    For Sale Mya Moe master grade myrtle tenor w/ k&k pickup

    As someone who used to use this forum much more regularly than I have been lately, I've noticed a few changes. For example, I don't seem to get notice from the site that I have a message to an ongoing thread. I only recently discovered that they show up as alerts rather than a message being sent...
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    Under discussion Create a place to discuss strings (Was: String Theory)

    I would suggest that the reason much of the string info is repetitive and in many cases of little value has to do with the fact that most folks have not spent well over a thousand dollars researching strings over the last 5 years like I have :) A comment such as I like Worth Browns has little...
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    Under discussion Create a place to discuss strings (Was: String Theory)

    I would participate in this conversation. I've done an immense amount of experimenting with every string under the sun, and have some info to share, but i'm also always curious to hear what's working for others and why. Cheers ~
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    sotu 578 - Get Yer Ya Ya's Out! And Double your Fun.

    Hi John, thanks for taking a turn as host this week! When I started searching for live albums, I realized very quickly it was an infinitely deep rabbit hole :) So I decided to pick a few bands and start researching their live albums until I found a song I felt encouraged to record. Initially I...
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    SOTU 574 -- "You Gotta Have Heart"

    Hi Ila, thanks so much for hosting! I lassoed my friends into doing another CSN tune that fits this weeks theme! Hoping everyone is doing well ~
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    SEASON 572 - All Of The Nights We’d Harmonise Til Dawn.

    Hello to all of my SOTU friends, I hope you're all doing well! Thanks for hosting John! I'm teaching uke full time these days, and performing when I can, and honestly I feel blessed! It doesn't leave a lot of time and energy for making videos :) Single take here toward the end of our weekly...
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    WTB Pono Parlor or single 0 size guitar.

    The Pono owner has a couple for sale at a discount price as new right now on Reverb. Here's a link to one of them. There's also an 0-30 on there as well with Rosewood and Spruce
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    Sold FS: Kanile'a K-1 Deluxe Koa Baritone

    That is the nicest Kanile'a Baritone I recall seeing! Good luck with both the sale and your transition to the 6 string guitar. I go back and forth between playing mostly bigger bodied ukes and guitars!
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    Looking for Baritone Uke...

    "Really good" combined with $600-$800, Pono is the first brand that comes to mind. Good luck with your search ~
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    Thomastik-Infeld CF27 Alternative?

    In most cases I use Classical set strings 1-4 on tenors and strings 2-5 on baritone. That said, I generally buy singles and put my own sets together to match the tension and tone I prefer.
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    Thomastik-Infeld CF27 Alternative?

    Hey Jim, thanks for sharing the thread. I probably should done a deeper search. Hope you're doing well brother ~
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    Thomastik-Infeld CF27 Alternative?

    For those of you who use Thomastik-Infeld CF30, and CF27's on your G and C strings, has anyone noticed that the life expectancy has shortened drastically? My teaching and gigging schedule has me playing 40+ hours a week, but recently the last 3 CF27's I've had on my primary uke have only last...
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    I don't think this is cool at all

    Man, I've busy playing and teaching uke the last 3 years and haven't been able to spend much time here. I'm flabbergasted that this topic has 44 pages :) I bought a second hand Pono chambered steel string baritone (BE-ST) I think. After a year of heavy use gigging and jamming on it, the Passive...
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    mountain goat's "CELLULOID OR BUST" contest

    Amazingly generous of you Jon ! ! ! I hardly find/make time to visit of late, and it really was just on a whim I checked in to see what was going on. Glad I stumbled on this and love the long window in which one might "take their time" as you said to choose something and spend all the time...
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    Season 547 - The Baggage Carousel

    Thanks for hosting Brian! A bit of a raw take here on this Elton John classic that came to mind. Still tweaking the arrangement so it's got that passionate hanging on by the seat of my pants energy to it. I hope everyone is well ~